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    We design our family bikes with exclusive focus on modern trends and outstanding performance. Test ride one and see for yourself.


    Allow us to do the work for you! Each Cargo Bicycles arrives fully built so you can skip the assembly process and get ready to ride.

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    We're confident that your new Ferla Cargo Bike will exceed your expectations! If not, we'll take it back. Terms apply.

    Financing Available

    Flexible financing with Affirm lets you choose a payment plan that works best for your needs. No late fees and as low as 0% APR.

    Ferla’s Family Values

    What makes us different?

    We invite you to use Ferla Family Cargo Bikes for family travel you’ll remember. By maintaining sustainability, safety, and style — we craft memorable ways to commute with your children and loved ones. Here are some core standards we use to inspire our work.

    About Ferla

    Better specs for electric cargo bikes than ever could be

    We built our Ferla Family Cargo Bikes with the most durable, well-performing, and quality parts available. These features make our rides easy to maneuver, safe to ride, and more enjoyable for all. Ferla Royce model shown.

    Better specs for electric cargo bikes than ever could be

    Driver Friendly

    Our Cargo Bikes is equipped with Ultimate Steering features along with an active frame design This allows for leaning turns, as well as safer, more enjoyable cargo bike for kids and adults

    Better specs for electric cargo bikes than ever could be

    Easy Stops

    Family's safety is our first priority - “Tektro” hydraulic brakes permits Ferla Family Cargo’s to stop quick, soft, and safe with a full load

    Better specs for electric cargo bikes than ever could be

    Green Tech

    Ferla Cargo Bikes can offer a boost without pollution. The 16Ah Samsung Battery in our electric options is best-in class and offers over 45 miles per charge

    Better specs for electric cargo bikes than ever could be

    Design Oriented

    Riders and their neighbors agree on the appeal of Ferla’s award- winning designs for family travel. Memorable details include curved box carriages, two-step design, and LED-lit frames

    the best in class cargo bike
    Technical Overview & Riding Tutorial
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    Some of our 5-Star Reviews


    I am the dad of 2 and like any other parent, I want to choose the best option available in class for my kids. Their design and specs are just amazing as is their customer service that was kindly guiding me throughout the process of purchasing the bike. The manager provided some information regarding the Samsung battery that the bike has. According to the Ferla Bikes website the bike can run up to 45 miles on a single charge. After all, our family is extremely happy with purchasing Ferla Family Bike and we highly recommend taking a look at this amazing company!

    Tobias Davis

    We are absolutely in love with our Ferla Family Bike! During the quarantine, our family was looking for a way to get more active with our kids (5 y.o. and 7 y.o.), while they all are at home. As a result, we have our amazing Ferla Family Bike that we use every day since then. Only because of that purchase we started to spend more family time all together with my wife and kids, walking and riding our bike around our neighborhood and not only. Thank you for that opportunity!

    Josselin Choquet
    Customer Reviews

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