Ferla Cargo Trike As A Stroller Bicycle

Last Update: 4 October 2023

When welcoming a young life into this world, it’s important to instill healthy habits like making fresh air and exercise part of their daily routines. A stroller bicycle is a great way to expose children of all ages to these healthy standards, which is why we think the Ferla Family Cargo Bike is an ideal mode of transportation for the modern family.

What Makes Ferla Family Cargo Bikes Better Than Traditional Stroller Bicycles

A traditional bicycle baby stroller serves parents in many valued ways. However, it has its limitations. So do stroller attachments to traditional bicycles.

Baby Carriage Bicycle by Ferla

The Ferla Baby Carriage Bicycle, however, creates space for active parent to bring their children along on adventures. Its front-bucket design creates a sense of community, as the grown-ups can push the kids along, rather than drag them.

In addition to how a Ferla is put together, we also take pride in the components we use to construct each ride. These are some of the essential characteristics making each of our bikes a reliable mode of transport:

  • Durability. We find the best materials on the market when manufacturing Ferla trikes. From a best-in-class Samsung AH battery to reliable hydraulic brakes — every part of the bike is constructed with the top of the line.
  • Safety. Every Ferla Family Cargo Bike works as a baby stroller bicycle, because it’s built with safety as a top priority. Three-point harness seat belts, and roll-cage bars are among the many features included to take care of our riders and their passengers.
  • Design. Ferla’s sleek outline of its Family Cargo Bikes is simple and elegant, with tasteful color schemes to match.
  • Versatility. In addition to making ideal stroller bicycles, Ferla Cargo Bikes are also great for weekend trips, daily commutes, grocery shopping, and exercise. The endless variety of options makes this a purchase like no other.
  • Customizable. From our extensive selection of cargo bike accessories, to special requests, there’s a myriad of room to outfit a ride special for you.
Stroller Bicycle

Ferla Tricycle Features For All-Family Use

The minds behind Ferla’s Cargo Bikes know exactly what a family needs in their ride. Here are some of our favorite examples of features we offer with families particularly in mind:

  • Ferla Family Stroller Bicycles all have extra sturdy tires, which perform well in all weather conditions, always ensuring a smooth ride for you and your little ones.
Stroller Bicycle by Ferla
  • Available in three timeless colors — bamboo wood, matte black, and matte white — our cargo bikes offer a stylish simplicity that can be appreciated by all ages.
  • Active frame design allows for simple, advanced steering, as well as easy balancing for the cyclist.
  • The Ferla Family Cargo Bike’s lightweight structure makes it accessible for people of all ages.

Is A Ferla Cargo Bike Safe To Use As A Stroller Bicycle?

The Ferla Family prioritizes client safety with every make and model. To ensure the well-being of our littlest passengers, we placed the cargo box in front of the cyclist, instead of traditional dragging baby stroller bicycles for toddlers. This way, those who are most important are always within sight, especially when the trike is on the move.

Each Ferla Cargo Box seats four children, and comes equipped with three-point seatbelts, which are both secure and comfortable.

Ferla Cargo Bike - stroller bicycle

Every stroller trike features a roll cage included, hydraulic brakes, and all-terrain all-weather tires. For night riding, each Ferla Cargo Bike is equipped with top-of-the-line LED lights a control panel, and USB charging port.

For the youngest, we have a Toddler Seat attachment that also ensures a smooth and accountable ride.

How Can Parents Benefit From A Pedal Assist Package

The Pedal Assist Package on Ferla’s baby e-bicycle strollers offers a number of distinct advantages for the modern parent. These are some of the most noteworthy:

  • Daily Commuting. Utilizing the clean, green electric charge to get to school or work with a little less physical exertion is what makes this trike a reasonable option for everyday travel.
  • Rough Terrain. Bumpy roads, uphill rides, you name it — our pedal-assist technology will give you the boost you need to get from A to B.
  • Long Distances. Whether you lost track of time and traveled too far from home, or you set out for an adventure — pedal assist will help with the extra distance.
  • Heavy Loads. The bike can hold up to 350lbs of cargo, but it does become heavier to ride when at full capacity. Luckily, the pedal-assist makes riding with the whole family a breeze.

Accessories For A Tailored Cycling Experience

Buying a stroller trike or family cargo bike is an important investment. To make it an ideal purchase for you, take some time to customize it with some of our most enviable accessories available:

  • New parents can browse Ferla’s Collection of comfortable, shock-resistant Family Cargo Bike Toddler Seats equipped with safety harnesses.
  • The Fully Enclosed Sun & Rain Canopy features zip down windows, and an effective canvas overhang for protection from the sun and rain.
  • The Bimini Top is inspired by yacht culture, and offers shade on sunny days with a sleek, minimal design.
  • Each Ferla Stroller Bicycle features a Lockable Storage Compartment, where riders can put anything from valuables, to snacks, to diapers.
  • The Ferla Floor Mat and Satin Dust Cover help keep the actual bike clean when it’s on the go, and parked at home.
  • Every buyer also has the option to upgrade their Cargo Box with Leather Memory Foam Cushions, and a table attachment.

Introducing Ferla Family Stroller Bikes: A New Dimension of Convenience and Healthy Lifestyle 

When it comes to modern family transportation solutions, Ferla Family Cargo Bikes stand out as the embodiment of innovation, versatility, and healthy living. With a range of meticulously designed catering models to different needs, these cargo bikes offer an unparalleled experience for both parents and children. Let's explore the remarkable lineup of Ferla Family Cargo Bikes that have redefined the concept of stroller bicycles:

Ferla Cargo Bike - Inspire

from $3,999.00 USD

Ferla Cargo Bike - Royce Edition

from $4,999.99 USD

Ferla Cargo Bike - Royce Mid-Drive

from $6,499.00 USD

Ferla Family Cargo Stroller Bicycle FAQ

1. What is the difference between a cargo bike and a bike trailer? 

We love that the cargo bike features a front-facing child compartment, rather than the rear-facing bike trailer. Our design allows for constant supervision, and up to four passengers. Bike trailers typically fit two children maximum.

2. How old does a baby have to be to be carried on a trike? 

It’s highly inadvisable for babies under one year of age to ride in trikes, because they’re still undergoing cranial development. For toddlers and infants, check out the Ferla Toddler Seat attachment, and similar family cargo bike accessories.

3. Why is it safe to put my baby in a tricycle?

The tricycle build of our Ferla Family Stroller Bicycle makes them highly unlikely to roll over. Topping out at 20 MPH, these larger, easy-to-maneuver vehicles are tough to lose control of. In addition, we provide several protective features with each bike including seatbelts, shock-absorbent roll cage bars, and highly dependable hydraulic brakes.

4. How many children can be put in a bike box?

Our spacious Ferla Family Stroller Bikes can safely seat up to four children at a time.

5. What accessories are available to customize the cycling experience?

Ferla offers a range of accessories to enhance your Ferla Family Cargo Bike experience. These include shock-resistant Family Cargo Bike Toddler Seats, a Fully Enclosed Sun & Rain Canopy, a Bimini Top for shade, Lockable Storage Compartments, Floor Mats, Satin Dust Covers, and the option to upgrade the Cargo Box with Leather Memory Foam Cushions and a table attachment.

6. How much weight can a family cargo bike carry?

A Ferla Family Stroller Bicycle can hold up to 350lbs of cargo.

7. How can I purchase a Ferla Cargo Stroller Bicycle?

You can purchase a Ferla Family Cargo Bike directly from Ferla's website. The lineup includes different models , such as the Inspire, Royce Edition, and Royce Mid-Drive, each with varying features and price points.