Special Needs Tricycles From Ferla Family Bikes

*For special accommodations, please contact our Customer Success Team to discuss your particular needs and allow them to suggest the most fitting cargo bike for you.

Adaptive bikes for special needs open doors for a variety of individuals with special needs, developmental disabilities, and those who are physically challenged. We believe in creating solutions for people who are differently abled, especially those that help their families and loved ones find some extra convenience, comfort, and assistance.

In this piece, we’re going to explore what exactly adaptive bikes for special needs adults are, how they can be of service to disabled individuals, and how Ferla Family Cargo Bikes offer many valuable comforts, capabilities, and safety features discerning buyers might be looking for.

Electric Bikes for Disabled Adults

The goal is to help people find the ideal ride to meet their loved ones’ specific needs and circumstances. From a mode of green transportation for commuting, to a social exercise mobile — Ferla Family Cargo Bikes special needs tricycles can offer a variety of value, assistance, and fun

Special Needs Tricycles & Bikes For Disabled Adults, Seniors, & Children

Special Needs Bikes, also known as Special Needs Tricycles, adaptive bike with limited mobility to experience the joy and freedom of bike riding while providing a safe way to exercise and increase muscle strength and tone.” Rehabmart.

Beginning with the fair and well-worded Rehabmart depiction, and drawing on Ferla’s own specific experiences building its own electric tricycle for disabled adults — we believe that a Ferla Family Cargo bike for a disabled person both meets the criteria for special needs bikes, but that our products exceed it with more capabilities to serve a wider variety of differently abled individuals in more ways.

To begin, we’re going to explain what our front load cargo bikes are, how they function. Then with that context, we’ll go on to explain how Ferla Family Cargo Bikes have proven to be helpful for people with special needs, disabilities, and physical challenges.


What Is A Front Load Cargo Bike? 

Also known as a bakfiets in the Netherlands, a front load cargo bicycle features a spacious carriage space in front of the handlebars. Different brands vary in size, but Ferla Family Cargo Bikes can comfortably seat up to four people, or 350 lbs of cargo.

The bike’s high capacity makes it a valuable asset for differently abled children and adults. People with different needs travel with different equipment, medicine, etc. — the spacious Ferla Cargo Bikes offer more capacity to help carry such products than any similar special needs trikes.

Cargo Bikes for Disabled Adults

The sleek curved wooden box is made with a bamboo composite and is of the utmost quality. The adaptive tricycle-style build necessary for a front load cargo bike makes for a more stable and controlled riding experience. All in all, the size, stability, and spaciousness of a front load make it an interesting choice for a special needs bike.

How Ferla Works As A Tricycle For Differently Abled Ones

Ferla Family Cargo Bikes absolutely help people with limited mobility and mental disabilities experience the joy and freedom of riding a bike. At the top of the many benefits that come with owning a special needs tricycle, we love how they inspire increased family time.

Across the vast world of those with disabilities, families face a great variety of challenges that are emotional, physical, financial, and more. Every family who has to work harder to ensure a safe and equal life for their loved one, or loved ones, can benefit from more time together, especially outdoors.

Adaptive bikes for special needs from Ferla Family lifts the limitations, and makes a trip to school, or therapy, or anywhere a fun, healthy, memorable experience. Having an outlet for the family to bike together promotes inclusivity, which is an incomparably important concept to champion with disabled and differently abled individuals.

For those who are interested and suited for cycling, the easy-to-steer handlebars make for a smooth transition into fun rides. In these cases, those riders could increase muscle strength and tone. In addition to offering those who are differently abled cycling opportunities, our family cargo trikes also let those who want to travel as passengers an excellent, comfortable, emissions-free mode of transportation.

Whether or not an individual is limited from being able to pedal, they can enjoy the convenience, safety, and enriching nature of sitting in one of our front bucket compartments, especially with the advanced Ferla Family Cargo Bike - Royce Edition, that can be upgraded with side door access to make entering and exiting easier.

Special Needs Tricycle

The fresh air inherent in every ride on a Ferla Family Cargo Bike offers health benefits to caretakers and riders with disabilities, especially those who are otherwise limited from outdoor activities in any capacity.

The adventure can also serve to benefit a parent who might be cycling both from a physical health perspective, and from a convenience perspective — electric models offer emissions-free, pedal-assist boosts that make everyday commuting as fast and easy as driving a car.

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 The Royce Edition

Originally built as a custom Ferla Family Cargo Bike for a client with special needs, The Royce Edition has become an equally popular option for all varieties of consumer.

Nearly identical to our signature special needs trike, the Ferla Family Cargo Bike - Royce Edition features optional sleek, push-snap door upgrade to make stepping in and out of the front bucket all the easier. This special model has proven to be a major asset to children and adults with special needs who’ve joined the Ferla Family.

Special Needs Tricycle

On our product page, the Royce Edition is priced higher than the signature Ferla Family Cargo Bike, because the doors are an added luxury feature.

We understand that these features represent something totally different than luxury for those who the model was originally built for. Because of this, we offer the Royce Edition at the same price as the base model cargo bike for those who are differently abled, have special needs, or disabilities. Essentially, offering the doors for free, it’s one of many small steps we take to make our bikes as affordable and accessible to all.

Who Uses Special Needs Bikes?

Looking at the breadth of the definition of adaptive tricycles for the disabled, it’s clear that there is a wide range of adaptive bikes for special needs suitable for children and seniors with an innumerable number of conditions. Looking at different to different options like a tricycle for adults with disabilities, or special needs bikes for adults and children can help those looking to find the right fit. Looking at Ferla Family Cargo Bikes, we see the front bucket compartment as helpful for those with all varieties of circumstances. For example, some people who’ve found our special needs trikes helpful include:

  1. Children with physical or mental disabilities.
  2. Adults with physical or mental disabilities.
  3. Older people with limited moving capabilities.

As a passenger, there are truly endless circumstances in which riding a Ferla Family Cargo Bike can be beneficial. As a rider, people with physical conditions that benefit from the rigor of pedalling one of our bikes for handicapped adults.

The Benefits Of Cargo Tricycle For Disability

One of the best designs for adapted bikes for disabled adults or kids is a 3-wheel tricycle approach. The Ferla Family Cargo features a design that prioritizes safety, style, and usability. The spacious front load bucket is equipped with three-point safety harness belts. Enviable add-ons like the Fully Enclosed Sun & Rain Canopy ensure that your precious passengers can stay dry and safe in all seasons.

Special Needs Trike

As far as accessible cycling options go — The Ferla Family options are as easy to maneuver as any. Having a loved one push you is fun, inspiring, and social on top of physically beneficial for them. Whether being utilized as a rider or passenger — special needs bikes and trikes offer a wide variety of benefits for differently abled people and their families.

The Ultimate Ferla Family Cargo Special Needs Bike

To build the ultimate bicycle for handicapped persons — explore Ferla Family Cargo’s extensive collection of attractive accessories. The sleek Bimini Top can offer your passenger shade on the sunniest of days.

Sleek Ferla Cargo Bike Tables make for convenient dining on the go. Explore more today, to discover how to make our special needs bicycles for adults perfect for you.Ferla Table for Cargo Bike

Customizing Your Ride With Ferla 

In addition to decking it out with accessories, your Ferla Family Cargo Bike can be customized in a number of ways. The Royce Edition, which is an elevated model featuring optional drop-back doors was originally designed as a custom model to help out a customer with disabilities. Now this model, once a special bike for disabled people, is one of our most popular offerings.

Special Needs Trike

Available at an elevated, luxury price on our website, we realize that The Ferla Family Cargo Bike - Royce Edition’s doors mean a lot more to its original riders. To help make riding more accessible for individuals with disabilities and their families — Ferla offers the added Royce Doors for FREE to those who identify as having disabilities, special needs, and being differently abled.

We believe in offering the best and most thoughtful features we can to help make the world a better place. Everyone deserves fresh air, exercise, and emissions-free travel, and the Royce Edition, as well as our signature base model Ferla Family Cargo Bike are here to help facilitate that belief in the most effective way possible.

Conversations are key, and we are here to answer any and all questions people have about our adaptive bikes for special needs and how they can serve specific individuals’ various needs. Please contact our team with any thoughts, questions, or requests regarding a bicycle for disabled.