Bike for Special Needs Child

Ferla’s fun, unique tricycles are fun to ride with the whole family, and they’ve proven valuable for parents of kids with special needs, different abilities, and physical disabilities. Designed to accommodate all children, Ferla Family Cargo Bikes are stylish, comfortable, and easy to use. 

From promoting family time between parents and children, to offering a fun and accountable mode of transport for commuting, to featuring extra cargo space suitable for equipment, bags, and anything else — our bikes offer families. 

Why Are Ferla Family ADAPTIVE BIKES Great for Kids With Special Needs?

Each Is Designed For Comfort & Safety

Ferla Family Cargo Bikes come equipped with features like spacious front bucket cargo spaces, and three-point harness seat belts that provide comfort and security to handicapped or differently abled children. Built to serve those of all motor capabilities and developmental challenges, the stylish Ferla special needs bicycle for children is accountable and nice to ride in. 

Ferlas Are Built With Advanced Components

To ensure these standards, each of our bikes contain a number of advanced safety components that can prove helpful for children with special needs, physical disabilities, and different abilities. Some examples of such features include a fall-protection harness and roll cage, comfortable seating, and extensive storage space well suited to hold adaptive equipment and other daily travel necessities. 

The Layout Of Our Family Cargo Bike Helps Parents Out

Featuring a cargo bucket in front of the cyclist, our family bikes allow parents of children with special needs, disabilities, and different abilities to keep an eye on them while cycling. This is especially valuable for the family on the go with anybody who counts on extra support, supervision, and care. 

It’s also nice for family members to see their loved ones while transporting them. Increased family time, exercise, and fresh air is valuable for everyone involved, and with a Ferla, it comes at no extra cost to the environment. 

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Finding An Ideal Special Needs Bike 

An effective bicycle for disabled child can serve in either a recreational, adaptive recreational, or therapeutic capacity. Ferla Family Cargo Bikes fall under the category of recreational, which we’ll explain here. 

Recreational Cycling

Offering children with special needs, disabilities, and different abilities an outlet for outdoor adventure, Ferla Family Cargo Bikes make recreation inclusive. Regardless of a child’s physical capabilities, they can enjoy a family bike ride from the safety and comfort of the front bucket. 

Other Forms Of Bikes For Special Needs Kids

Those on the hunt for adaptive recreational bikes, which are designed to be navigated by children with special needs, should consult a specialist regarding what model of bike would be most suitable for them. Those looking to help their children rehab, or discover any form of therapeutic benefits from a bicycle for disabled child should also consult a specialist. 

What To Consider When Buying A Recreational Bicycle For Your Handicapped Child

When hunting for a recreational family bike that will meet the needs of a handicapped child, it’s important to consider how safe, high quality, and customizable it is. 

To understand why these are the main pillars of consideration, we broke it down with this put together this brief guide:


Parents don’t need to be reminded that ensuring a safe ride is the most important aspect of choosing a bike. With this in mind, we recommend pouring over every safety feature of prospective purchases. How reliable are the brakes? Are there harness systems, roll cage bars, or seat belts? Answering questions like these offers a pragmatic path to finding a suitable family recreational bike. 

Quality of Components

Looking at elements like the shelf-life of an electric battery, and making sure it’s suited for a full day of adventure will help narrow the search for an ideal recreational bike. Some components, such as the brakes, are crucial to ensuring a safe ride. While other components, like the paint and finishings dictate the mood and aesthetic of a bike. Seeking a balance of pieces dedicated to both top-notch performance and elegant, accessible builds is a sound approach finding a perfect adaptive bike for kids with special needs.


Premium add-ons offer families a number of avenues to customize their cargo bike to suit every need. For example, Memory Foam Cushions can make bike riding more comfortable for everyone. Water-and-Dust Proof Floor Mats help keep everything clean without worrying about spills. For sunny days, the elegant Bimini Top provides shade to riders.

Another shade provider, also fit for all forms of inclimate weather, is Ferla’s Full-Enclosed Sun-And-Rain Canopy

In addition to these main pillars of consideration for buying a family recreational bike, discerning parents should also take a closer look at their options’ specific features. 

Handlebars - The guiding force of every great bike, quality handlebars are of major importance. That’s why Ferla’s features ergonomic handlebars for comfort and ease.  This well-performing component leaves room to pay attention to riding and parenting. 

Front Steering - Regardless of physical capabilities, every single child deserves to enjoy the fun and excitement of a bike ride. Ferla’s front-steering family cargo bikes creates an environment where a parent can pedal and steer, while any child enjoys the breeze and motion from the front bucket. 

Fixed Gear - Bikes with a fixed gear don’t coast, which means Ferla Bikes require active pedaling. This feature provides parents with total control of the motion of the bike, which can be super helpful when traveling with kids with disabilities.

Puncture-Proof Tires - Flat tires are challenging and stressful for cyclists and passengers. We understand that our families have enough going on, and we’d hate to add any stress. Puncture-proof tires help families with loved ones who are differently abled and physically disabled can be real life savers. 

Seat Belts For Head & Back Support - Different children with disabilities and special needs have different needs. The three-point harness seat belts included with a Ferla Family Cargo Bike can help keep passengers upright, secure, and comfortable. 

For The Best Ride, Try Ferla Family Cargo Bikes 

Sourcing the highest quality components for each of our bikes, focusing heavily on safety and accessibility, and providing a stellar selection of accessories — we believe Ferla has an incomparably attractive special needs family recreation bike. 

We’re proud to offer the following guarantees with every purchase of a Ferla Family Cargo Bike. 

An Elegant, Enjoyable Design

We don’t think, like so many competitors, that special needs tricycles always need to resemble medical equipment. Our bikes for disabled child are inclusive and attractive, because we believe everyone deserves to ride in style. Each is available in one of three colors: Frozen White Matte, Sleek Black Matte, and Stylish Wood Finnish. 

Advanced, Intuitive Steering

Ferla Bikes can handle turns with speed and grace. The easy-to-steer system welcomes parents of all experience levels, ensuring smooth rides through a variety of terrains and surfaces. This ensures that passengers with both physical and mental disabilities will be able to enjoy each ride with comfort and calm. 

Incomparably Safe Structure

Fusing high-strength steel frames with bamboo-composite wood cargo boxes, the structure of a Ferla Family Cargo Bike is remarkably safe and reliable. Add in front-and-rear hydraulic brakes for instant stopping power, and three-point harness safety belts — and you begin to see a bike worthy of the responsibility of taking families on its back. These secure features are an extra relief for sensitive children, as well as those with different abilities, disabilities, and special needs. 

The Option Of Electric Or Non-Electric

Children with disabilities and special needs deserve to go on fun, outdoor adventures. For exercise purposes, non-electric is great. For those who want the option of exercise, and to go on longer trips that might be too much on the body — Ferla’s electric models offer a fantastic solution.  

Specs: Pedal Assist (Optional)

Battery: Original Samsung Battery 36V 14.4 Ah lithium
Motor: Bafang Motor 350W
Display LCD
Charging time 4 Hours
Travel Distance (per charge) up to 45 Miles
Max Speed 20 Mph

Extensive Battery Life

Ferla Family Cargo Bikes each come equipped with a 15AH Samsung Battery, which can offer up to 45 miles of boost per. This opens up the commuting possibilities for families who want to travel with their child to school, therapy, or anywhere else on a family bike. 5AH Samsung Battery


A Safe Vessel For Kids With Special Needs

Our cargo bikes for kids with special needs are capable of carrying upwards of 350 lbs, so they’re well suited for children, siblings, pets, groceries, and special equipment. The spacious, yet secure seating boxes complement an advanced bike with reliable components. There’s no better recipe for safe, healthy family travel. 

Check out Ferla Family Cargo Bikes Product Page to pick up one today. The higher-priced model — The Ferla Family Cargo - Bike Royce Edition — features optional sleek, drop-back door upgrade built for clients with disabilities, and then added to the inventory. 

Ferla offers the added Royce Doors for FREE to those who identify as having disabilities, special needs, and being differently abled. This essentially makes the doors free for those who need it most.