Utility eBike

Ferla’s Utility E-Bike is a high quality electric travel option, built with versatility to suit all riders. We are proud to celebrate the fact that all of our utility bicycles are emissions-free. 

Utility Electric Bike (e-Bike)

So, now you know there is a way to explore your environment without leaving harmful emissions behind — Ferla Bikes is here to make that journey perfect for you. 

The thick-tread tires on our Ferla  Bike beckons the off-roading trailblazer. The 80-mile charge that builds off our dual-Samsung battery system is as expansive as an e-bike rider will find.

Ferla’s Utility Bicycle only proves to be more versatile when you begin to explore our selection of Ferla accessories. Add a child seat for commutes, a handlebar basket for groceries, and a cargo rack for getaways and overnights. 

The Many Uses Of An Electric Utility Bike

The Ferla Family Utility E-Bike, also known as a utility trike, is capable of endless adventure for all riders. 

Its unbeaten, 60-mile charge comes courtesy of a new dual-battery system we produced. So, road trips are a given.

Capable of accommodating a wide variety of utility e-bike accessories, such as child seats, cargo racks, and carriages — this bike is an outdoor family’s dream. It’s also reliable transport to school, the store, and work. 

Utility Electric Bike

Pick one up today, and set your sights on some emissions-free, empowering exploration. 



The Ferla Team ensures quality rides by sourcing only the most well-performing bike parts we can find, or building better ones ourselves. From our utility e-bikes, also known as an electric utility tricycle, to the Ferla Family Cargo collections — everything we sell is informed by a long history in the cycling industry, a love for family and adventure, as well as an open ear to everyone riding our bikes. 


Planning your first camping trip with the kids? Looking to ride some trails on your own? Do you have a never-ending dream that could use a little more adventure? 

The Ferla Utility E-Bike is an open book of possibilities, and excursions.

Thick-tread tires help it perform on a variety of terrains. Its advanced catalogue of accessories make it a dream for parents, families, couples, and all combinations of excited travelers. 

Utility Electric Bike (eBike)

This electric utility bike can accommodate all different kinds of people, and all different kinds of dreams for sale at a reasonable price.  


“The Ferla Utility E-Bike is a dream! I can put my toddler in the bucket seat attachment to run errands, cruise through the park, and the smooth suspension even helps him fall asleep if he’s having a tough time napping!” 

— Kevin, Oklahoma

“I use my Ferla Utility E-Bike for everything — picking the kids up from school, trail riding, camping adventures. I love being able to exercise, but always having the option to let the battery do the work when I’m tired, or we’re going far. It’s really an all-in-one experience!”

— Denise, New York City 

All-In-One Utility: Built For The Imagination

The Ferla Utility Ebike was built to explore. Outdoors enthusiasts can pack up a tent and supplies with e-bike accessories like storage racks, and snap-on containers. They can take their rig up into the mountains, over dirt trails, and along any old paved road. 

After packing up a camping trip, a rider can throw on a grocery basket, and child seat to take the e-bike about town — welcoming fresh air to every day. 

Utility eBike

Pedal Assist Technology 

The electronic, pedal-assist technology at the heart of Ferla’s Utility E-Bike can play a factor in saving the world. Using a new dual-battery system featuring the latest and best from Samsung — our bikes offer up to 80 miles per charge, more than any other utility e-bike on the market. 

Utility e-Bike

Bringing this distance and speed to the world of e-bikes makes us confident that we can sway more people to abandon their emissions-emitting cars, hit the open road, and ride with Ferla. 

Deck Out Your Ferla Utility E-Bike

Sourcing the ideal collection of accessories is an essential step every Ferla Utility Bicycle owner has to take. This versatile ride can accommodate a number of unique add-ons, including up to two child seats at a team, cargo racks, and handy storage containers. 

To customize your utility e-bike, be sure to check out Ferla’s extensive collection of accessories. 

Ferla’s Most Popular E-Bike Accessories

Specs, Key Features, & Sizing

Built with thick-tread tires, and a sturdy frame that can transport over 350lbs at a time — the Ferla Utility E-Bike is primed for adventure. In addition to its road capabilities, a dual battery system charged by Samsung’s finest provides up to 80 miles per charge — more than any other electric utility bike on the market. 

Check out the key specs, features, and sizing breakdowns for Ferla’s Utility E-Bike here. 

Still unsure about which utility bike to choose? We’ve done some market research on critical specs and will let the specs speak for themselves!

  Ferla Family Royce eBikes Other Bicycle Brands
Price Starting from $4,999 Up to $5,500
Battery 16 Ah Samsung Lithium Battery, Best-In-Class, extended range offering up to 45+ miles per charge. Includes 3A smart charger. Typically cheap analogs
Pedal Assist Medium Speed Range Up to 45+ miles Up to 35 miles

Bafang Premium Color Display

w/ USB Port

Numeric LCD
Roll-Cage Bars Included in the cost N/A
Frame Design Premium Ultra Light Frame Heavy
Wheels & Tires Aluminum rims, front hub with sealed bearings 20x2 New Fat Tires. Puncture Resistant Average 1.75” tires
Transmission Shimano 7-Speed Cassette for Gear Shifting Varies

Travel Green on Ferla E-Bikes

Among the most appealing characteristics of an electric utility bicycle — environmental preservation is a concept we all urgently need to bake into our everyday. Ferla’s utility and family cargo bikes offer families and everyday folks a clean way to travel local with their choice of a charged ride, or a healthy workout. 

Check out our collections of emissions-free family cargo bikes to begin cleaning up your commutes today.

Keep Up with The Ferla Family

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