Ferla’s Family Cargo Bike With Dog Basket

Last Update:October 2023

Some family outings just aren’t the same without your trustee four-legged companion. We love providing parents and children reliable electric trikes with dog carriers for longer trips through town and nature. Thanks to one of our most popular accessories.

The Ferla Cargo Bike’s signature front bucket serves both as a dog carrier and a human carrier. Families who purchase this green and healthy mode of transport make cycling with their dogs an everyday option. Built to travel long distances in any weather — our bikes are equipped for all sorts of family outings.

E-bike with dog basket

Manufacturing our entire bikes with a dog basket in-house, we deliver right to the home with no third parties involved. We hope by making our high quality bikes accessible to families, we can help make travel with pets green, healthy, safe, comfortable, and of course fun.

Key Features Of Our Ferla Family Cargo Bikes

Ferla’s line of cargo tricycles are built to accommodate the whole family, and that includes your canine. We have two acclaimed variations on our signature family cargo bikes for dogs.

  • The Ferla Family All-New Edition is our signature family cargo bike, featuring a front bucket load that’s ideal for your kids and pooch.
  • The Ferla Family Royce Edition mirrors every positive feature of the All-New Edition, and can be upgraded with side door access.
  • The Ferla Family Royce Mid-Drive - alternative to your family car. You will be able to safely transport your pets on our electric dog bike.
Cargo Bike With Dog Carrier

Available in both electric, and non-electric variations — every model of Ferla Dog Cargo Bikes features these premier components.

  • Front and Rear Tektro Hydraulic Brakes (Best-In-Class)
  • 2x Roll Cage Bars
  • Rear Cargo Rack
  • Heavy-Duty Puncture-Resistant Tires (Extra Wide)
  • Three-Stage Paint

The Ferla Family Royce and Mid-Drive Cargo bicycles with a dog carrier in the form of its front bucket can carry up to 350-400 lbs. This means that even riders transporting multiple pooches can still count on one of our rides. The spacious front bucket compartment features enviable dimensions — 38.5” x 28.5” x 37” — which will leave your furry friend room for comfort, friends, and stretching out.

Another distinct element of our Ferla Family Cargo Bikes is that the passenger compartment is in front of the person who is pedaling. This means you can keep an eye on your dog throughout your whole trip.

Thinking about taking a longer ride? Consider the benefits of Ferla’s e-bike with a dog carrier option.

Ferla’s Ebike With A Dog Carrier

There are few transportation options as fun and valuable as bikes for dog owners. Heading out for distant camping trips and hikes with the fresh air in your face, and emissions free boosts from your family bike’s battery is a dream. What better companion to add to that fantasy than your beloved pooch?

Cargo E-Bike With Dog Carrier

To learn more about Ferla’s E-Bike premium quality, check out the bonuses offered by its Electric Pedal-Assist Package:

  • Full-Colored LED Display With USB Charging Port
  • Built-In Throttle Package For 100% Electric Ride
  • Fast Charging Time (Four Hours For Full Charge)
  • 20 MPH Maximum Speed
  • Up To 60 Miles Of Travel Distance Per Charge
  • 350W High-Torque Hub Motor

Riding one of these charged family cargo bikes makes all the difference, and they’re well performing in even the most challenging weather conditions, and with the heaviest of loads. All of this focus on high-end components creates a quality riding experience, and it also helps ensure the most important thing — safety.

The Cargo E-Bike With Dog Carrier

Ferla Cargo Bike - Inspire

from $3,999.00 USD

The Royce Edition - Taking Cargo Biking to the Next Level

Ferla Cargo Bike - Royce Edition

from $4,999.99 USD

The Best Electric Bike for Dogs - Royce Mid-Drive

Ferla Cargo Bike - Royce Mid-Drive

from $6,499.00 USD


Safe Cycling On Est Electric Bike For Dogs

Focused on achieving beauty, grace, and rideability — Ferla’s team never places anything above safety. The trike design on our family cargo rides is thoughtfully curated to secure the rider and their passengers. To help gain some peace of mind about setting out on a ride with yourself, and your canine, check out these safeguards available with Ferla:

  • The high walls of our Family Cargo Bike front buckets can protect against excited dogs who might get caught up in the adventure from jumping or falling out. For human riders, each cargo bike includes three-point harness seat belts.
  • The build of the bike with a dog basket makes them accountable in all weather. Also, with the Fully Enclosed Sun & Rain Canopy, you can keep your passengers and pets dry or shaded on any day.
  • If your dog is on the floor of our front bucket cargo compartments, they can rest in place on our comfortable, non-slip premium floor mat.
  • The front bucket compartment is also fully enclosed, structurally keeping your dog’s paws, fur, and tail a safe distance from the trike’s wheels.
Electric Cargo Bike With Dog Carrier

Accessories For Ferla’s Family Cargo Bike With Dog Basket

When outfitting your non-electric, or electric family cargo bike for your family and canine, be sure to check out all of the attractive options we have for making your rides more efficient.

There are many focuses one might have when shopping for bike accessories, and for dog owners in particular, cleanliness usually tops the list. These additions will help.

  • Try out Ferla’s Water & Dust Proof Floor Mat to protect against all of your puppy’s messes. Whether they’re wet after a swim, dirty after playing in the woods, or slobbering — this high-end, and durable protector will take care of it.
  • Ferla’s Satin Dust Cover is a light accessory that will keep your family cargo from gathering dust when not in use, that way it’s pristine every time you and the family want to head out for a ride.
Cargo Bike With Dog Carrier

We also offer a number of Ferla Family Cargo Bike Accessories to help our riders enjoy cycling on any day, regardless of the weather. These are a couple of our favorites:

  • Our Fully Enclosed Sun & Rain Canopy features two zip-down windows, a sturdy canvas top that will keep your pooches and passengers dry from any and all precipitation.
  • The elegant Bimini Top is a yacht-inspired shade for sunny days, so you can treat your dog like true royalty.

FAQs For The Ferla Family Cargo Bike With Dog Carrier

1. Why should you ride a bike with your dog?

Bringing your pooch on a ride is fantastic and fun. Canines love the breeze that comes with gliding down streets, and cruising on the electric pedal-assist. It’s also convenient transportation for dog owners to use in their everyday lives.

Cars bring loads of anxiety and emissions — so this is another option for trips to the vet, friends houses, or anywhere you want to take your pup beyond walking distance.

2. How do you take your dog on a bicycle ride?

Help your furry friend grow accustomed to the Ferla Family Cargo Carrier, let it walk around, and find its comfortable spaces before you begin riding. You can start with shorter rides around the neighborhood, but they’re likely to love it off the bat.

3. How do you keep your dog in a bike basket?

Keep your dog safe by training them to stay put when in the vehicle. To create positive associations with good behavior, be sure to bring plenty of treats along on every trip.

4. What accessories are available for a cargo bike with a dog carrier?

Ferla offers various accessories to enhance your family cargo bike experience with your dog. For cleanliness, consider the Water & Dust Proof Floor Mat, which protects against messes from wet or dirty dogs. The Satin Dust Cover keeps your cargo bike clean when not in use. Additionally, the Fully Enclosed Sun & Rain Canopy provides shelter from precipitation, while the Bimini Top offers shade on sunny days, making the ride enjoyable for your furry friend.

5. What distinguishes Ferla's Cargo Bikes with a Dog Basket from others?

Ferla's Family Cargo Bikes stand out due to their signature front bucket design that serves as both a dog carrier and a human carrier. The spacious compartment is in front of the rider, allowing you to keep a close eye on your dog throughout the trip. The bikes are built with premium components, including Front and Rear Tektro Hydraulic Brakes, Roll Cage Bars, Rear Cargo Rack, Heavy-Duty Puncture-Resistant Tires, and Three-Stage Paint. The cargo bikes can carry up to 350-400lbs, ensuring ample space and comfort for your furry friend.

6. Which models are available in Ferla's Cargo Bike with Dog Carrier lineup?

Ferla offers two acclaimed variations of their Family Cargo Bikes:

7. Can you describe the safety features of cargo bikes with a dog basket?

Ferla's Family Cargo Bikes prioritize safety with features such as high walls on the front bucket compartment to prevent dogs from jumping out. The cargo bikes are built to handle various weather conditions, and the Fully Enclosed Sun & Rain Canopy offers protection from the elements. A non-slip premium floor mat keeps your dog comfortable, while the fully enclosed compartment ensures your dog's safety around the trike's wheels.

8. How can I purchase a Ferla Cargo Bike with a Dog Carrier?

You can purchase a Ferla Family Cargo eBike with a dog carrier directly from Ferla's website. The lineup includes different models, such as the Inspire, Royce Edition, and Royce Mid-Drive, each with varying features and price points.