Electric Bike With Child Seats

Last Update: 4 October 2023

The Ferla Family Cargo Bike with Child Seats offers unparalleled adventure for parents and their little ones. The high-performance utility e-bike we built is for all riders, and the front bucket child seat adds a secure, high quality perch for your tiny best friend to join in the fun.

Electric Bike with Kid Seat

Our Family Cargo Bikes showcase the advantage of having kid seats by promoting healthy, emissions-free fun for parents and children. This is a core inspiration behind our brand. The practical bonuses include being able to ride your e-bike with kid seats to the store, to school, and work. This versatility fuels our enormous belief in the value and potential usage of this Ferla favorite.

Tricycle with Child Seat

In its most basic form, the Ferla Electric Family Cargo Bike with a Child Seat can change the way you transport your young ones. Once you start adding on accessories, the possibilities blossom even more.

Keeping The Family Safe

We love families, and we believe in prioritizing safety across the board. When you ride an electric bike with kid seat, it’s important to know how that seat was made, and how it will perform when riding at relatively high speeds.

First off — from the high-performance hydraulic brakes, to the bike’s thick tread tires — we prioritize quality and accountability when constructing our bikes. To make seeing that easier for our riders, we’ve included all of our technical specs, and electric bike with baby seat details below.


e-Bike with a Child Seat

Ferla also maintains an open communication policy, and we invite you to reach regarding any safety concerns. We’re excited to have an electric bike with child seat in front, and look forward to bringing more families on board.

Why Ferla Cargo Bikes Ride Better

Ferla team members work day in and out to ensure the quality of our cargo e-bikes. From commercial business vendor bikes, to electric cargo bikes, and our utility line — we have a long history and proven imagination when it comes to green cycling.

Read on to discover how we utilize our history in the industry, consumer insight, and quality engineering to continue to grow.

Pedal Assist Technology

The sky's the limit with Ferla’s signature electronic, pedal-assist technology. Fueling all of our high quality collections, the system uses Samsung parts in a duel-battery mechanism to gather up to 75+ miles of pedal-free travel per charge. We’re proud to say that’s the most of any similar family electric tricycle with child seat on the market.

With such distance, speed, and of course, child seats — we are confident that we can help families abandon their emissions-heavy cars, and start commuting in style with Ferla.

Deck Out Your Ferla Tricycle With Child Seat In The Front

Beyond the child seat, there are a number of attractive add-ons that can combine to make your Ferla E-Bike with Child Seats perfect for you. Whether you need to take siblings on the road, add cargo rear rack for camping equipment, or utilize handy storage containers for just about anything else — we’ve got you.

Electric Bike with Child Seat

Check out our collection of electric bike for child seat accessories and customize your Ferla for your family.

Specs, Key Features, & Sizing

Riding on dependable, thick-tread tires, the Ferla E-Bike with Child Seats sits on quality from the ground up. Capable of transporting over 400lbs at time, it contains plenty of strength for you and your little ones. In addition, its dual Samsung battery system gathers up 80 miles worth of energy per charge — more than any other e-bike in its class.

Cargo Bike Specs:

Gross weight 150 Pounds
Dimensions 88.5" x 33.4" x 43.3"
Dimensions "Cargo Box Only" 38.9" x 27.7" x 33.4"
Loading Capacity (Cargo Area) 350 Pounds
Frame Steel
Front Brakes Hydraulic Disc Brakes (Tektro)
Front Brakes Hydraulic Disc Brakes (Tektro)
Gear System Shimano
Cargo Box Eco-Bamboo Mix Wood


E-Bike with child seats specs:

Battery: Original Samsung Battery  (Extended Range) 36V 15 Ah lithium
Motor: Bafang Motor (High Torque) 350W 
Color Display with USB Charging Port LCD
Charging time 4 Hours
Travel Distance (per charge) up to 45 Miles
Max Speed 20 Mph


Travel Green on Ferla E-Bikes

One of the most important elements of riding an electric family bike is traveling without adding harmful greenhouse gasses to the environment. If you have young children to cart around in our beloved child seat, it makes sense to do your part to keep the world inhabitable for them to grow into.

Setting the stage for family time, exercise, and fresh air are also popular inspirations for family riders.


Check out our collections of emissions-free best family cargo bikes to begin cleaning up your commutes today.

FAQs on Family Cargo Bikes with Child Seats

1. Is it safe to carry a child in a bike seat on an electric cargo bike?

Ferla’s built an accountable e-bike with front-bucket seats well equipped for children. To secure the safest possible ride — check out accessories like the Ferla Toddler Seat, as well as our three-point and five-point harness seat belts.

Electric Bike with Kid Seat

2. How reliable are they? Do they work in the rain?

All of Ferla’s electric bicycles for sale are high-performing creations, which riders can rely on for years and years with proper maintenance. The Ferla Electric Bike with Kid Seat rides on sturdy, thick-tread tires that perform well in the rain.

You can also explore Ferla’s Accessories for protective add-ons like the Fully Enclosed Sun & Rain Canopy. This favorite attachment features zip-down windows, and a nice canvass overhang that’s built to stand up to the elements. It will keep the kids dry on a rainy day, as well as any other cargo you’d like to stow away.

Still, it’s important for the rider (especially with a child) to determine the safety of weather conditions. We do not encourage riding with children through all weather, and recommend taking proper precautions based on the conditions presented on a given day.

3. Is it legal to carry a kid in a bike seat on an e-bike? 

Yes, it’s legal in most places. Still, as laws change and update, we recommend checking with your local government to find out laws that pertain to you.

People For Bikes is an excellent resource for bike and e-bike enthusiasts, and its site features a state-by-state breakdown of Policies & Laws, Research & Stats, as well as Rides & Routes.

4. At what age can you use a child bike seat?

Our Ferla Family Bikes are built to carry passengers from three months in age up. Every customer should choose their family cargo bike based on the age and size of their child.

For little ones aged 3-to-18 months, we offer an attachment named the Ferla Custom Designed Toddler Seat. Designed by Dutch creative Melia, the seat is custom made for our cargo buckets, and they make travel on an e-bike safe. The shock-absorbent, water-resistant attachment is built to last, and features a special insert to make it rideable for toddlers younger than 8 months.

Kids older than 18 months are well-suited to enjoy the comfort and thrill of riding the front-bucket child seats on one of our Ferla E-Bikes.

5. What sets Ferla Family Cargo Bikes with Child Seat apart?

Ferla Family Cargo Bikes stand out for their commitment to safety, quality, and versatility. The bikes are built with high-performance hydraulic brakes, thick-tread tires, and other quality components. The signature pedal-assist technology using Samsung parts offers an impressive travel distance of up to 75+ miles per charge.

6. How do I customize my e-bike with child seats?

Ferla offers a range of attractive add-ons to personalize your e-bike, including cargo rear racks and storage containers. Explore their collection of accessories to tailor your Ferla bike to your family's needs.

7. How far can I travel on a single charge with an e-bike with a child seat?

Ferla's signature pedal-assist technology, equipped with Samsung batteries, allows for a travel distance of up to 75+ miles per charge. This range provides families with ample mobility for various activities.

8. What's the loading capacity of the electric bike with child seats?

The Ferla E-Bike with Child Seats is capable of transporting over 400 lbs, making it a sturdy and reliable option for carrying both parents and their young ones. The cargo area can support up to 350 lbs.

Tricycle with Child Seat


"We just got our Ferla cargo bike and we couldn’t be happier. I am able to put my 9 month old daughter in the infant seat attachment, my 2 1/2 year old son, and my 10 year old daughter all at once. Even with all of them in it it’s still easy to ride around in. It’s actually easier to maneuver when it’s fully loaded."

Electric bikes with kid seat E-bike with child seat Electric bike with kid carrier

— Scott M. ★★★★★

“I love my Ferla Utility E-Bike with Front Bucket Child Seats! Being able to set out on a ride through the park, or bring my little one along to the store is such a luxury and treat!”

— Molly, Minnesota  ★★★★★

“While my husband and I take turns riding, our little girl owns the child seats! She looks like such a sweet baby queen as we take her whirring through town on laugh-filled rides!”

Heather, Connecticut  ★★★★★

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