Electric Bikes with Passenger Seats

There are plenty of upsides to buying an electric bike with a passenger seat. Both you and a friend can travel around together without having to stop for gas or check how much money you have for a bus or train. And because it runs with help from an electric powerful motor, it’s also a lot easier to peddle the extra weight around.

Ferla’s cargo bikes fit into this category as well, since they can carry either two adults or four children all at once. And while riding around in one may take some getting used to at first, you’ll soon find that they'll be a lot more convenient and fun than a standard bike. Let’s take a closer look and see how well these models can work for you and your friends.

More About Cargo Bikes with Passenger Seats

The average bicycle with a passenger seat has a longtail design that you can attach either extra cargo or an extra seat to. Yet while this design is convenient, it’s also more unstable and makes it difficult to keep track of your passenger. Electric cargo bikes, on the other hand, feature a large front compartment and a reverse tricycle design. Most of them run on an electrically charged battery that you just power up before each ride.

Usually, families will buy an electric tricycle with a passenger seat to take their children or pets out for rides. Yet more and more adults have also enjoyed sitting in the front compartment, and we can’t say we blame them. They get a break from walking yet can still enjoy the outdoors. So if you’re riding with a friend or relative, you can always switch and let the other one pedal when you get too tired.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about common vehicle concerns such as gas levels and overheating. Not to mention it’s less expensive than taking regular public transportation. And you can enjoy being out in the open and getting the best views of your surroundings. As long as you monitor the distance traveled and battery levels, you can travel for hours with peace of mind.

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Things to Consider on Bikes that Carry Passengers

Purchasing any bicycle is already a big commitment with their initial costs, maintenance, and storage. So you can imagine how big a commitment it is to invest in an electric passenger bike. This, of course, means that there is a lot that you need to think about before making that decision.

1. Planned Travel Distance

Be sure to check the distance you can get every time you charge the battery, and think about how far you plan on traveling while using these electric bikes. Most cargo models can get you anywhere between 25 and 45 miles on each charge, which is enough for daily use. Yet some can go as far as 70 miles, making them excellent for travel and sightseeing.


Also, remember to check the weight capacity of whichever electric cargo bike you’re considering. These bikes are designed to carry more than average, but there are still limits even with the help of electric assist. So knowing how much yours can carry is crucial to avoiding potential damage or sudden accidents. Most of them can typically carry up to 400 pounds in total, maintaining still a smooth ride, although some — like our Inspire or Royce models — can hold less due to their design.

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3. Access to Storage Space

And finally, do you have enough room available to store cargo? It’s not like owning a regular bike, which you could take up the stairs or into an elevator on your own. And even when it’s locked up, leaving it out in the open puts you at risk of theft or vandalism. Whether you keep it in the garage or a large storage locker, always make sure it’s secure when you’re not using it.


“I rarely drove my car since moving to our new city about 4 years ago. I always used my bike with attached trailer, but my middle kid was getting bigger so I needed something else. I go grocery shopping with my kids in it. We got to doctor and dentist appointments. We go everywhere and it’s so much easier on me than pulling 70 lbs in the bike trailer. It took me about two days of riding it without my kids in to get comfortable turning it. It’s really so easy to use. I highly recommend it!!! I have three kids. 3,5 & 9...”

Bicycle with passenger seat | Passenger seat bike

— Crystal S.  ★★★★★

"Love-love-love my new bike!! So excited about this purchase that can't control my emotions! The fastest delivery straight to my door with the already assembled unit! See you on the roads, my Ferla friends, let’s make a huge community! :)"

— Ivanka B.  ★★★★★

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Cargo E-Bike FAQs

Here at Ferla, we get plenty of questions about our bikes’ safety levels, as well as who can ride them. So we’d like to take this time to answer some of our most frequently asked:

1. Can Adults be Carried on a Ferla Bike Passenger Seat?

Yes. As we said before, adults can be carried comfortably as long as they can fit and are within the designated weight limit. The front passenger car measures 38.5 inches long and 28.5 inches high, and features a bench that’s 24 by 10 inches. So the average adult can sit inside with no problems at all. As with the children, all adults still need to buckle up securely while sitting in the front.

2. Are Ferla Cargo Bikes Safe to Ride?

Ferla Bikes are among the safest e-bikes with a passenger seat that you could ride. It features an extra front wheel to keep you steadier while transporting extra cargo or passengers. Its three-point seat belts keep your front passengers secure throughout their ride. And it’s designed with a roll cage to protect them in case it accidentally falls over.

3. Are There Additional Accessories for Ferla bikes?

Ferla sells plenty of accessories for each of their cargo bikes to make your rides safer and more enjoyable. This includes a set of extra seat belts, a canopy in case of rain or direct sunlight, and plenty of locks. We also sell helmets in multiple sizes and colors if you want to stay extra safe. And if your child is between eight and 18 months, our toddler seats let you bring them along as well.

And if you’re not sure which electric bicycle to get, know that any of these bikes accessories will pair well with our best-selling models:

Ferla Cargo Bike - Royce

The Royce features a 350-pound weight capacity and gets up to 45 miles on each charge. It can be comfortably used by riders of most levels, although beginners may need some practice first. We highly recommend this one option for two adults to ride around in, although kids will enjoy it just as much.

Ferla Cargo Bike - Inspire

The Inspire is Ferla’s simplest model, making it the easiest to ride around in if you’re a beginner. It has a 250-pound weight capacity and gets up to 25 miles on each charge. Thanks to its basic design, it’s the perfect option for an adult rider and one or two kids passengers, depending on their sizes.


LAGOM is Ferla's new 2-wheeler cargo bike that has a load capacity of 450 lbs and up to 140 miles with a dual battery package! This ultra-versatile electric bike with a long seat will suit the whole family - it can carry up to 3 passengers and cargo.