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  • Ferla Cargo Bike - INSPIRE

     The craftsmen at Ferla Bikes have carefully restructured the basis of the cargo to create a lightweight and affordable option for the market. Every family matters to us at Ferla and every family deserves to come together. We went back to the drawing board and did not quit until we found a way to make a model affordable for any family. Finally it’s here, you asked, we listened, we made it with love.



  • Ferla Cargo Bike - Royce

    Take a ride on the newest electric model of the Ferla Premium Cargo Bike. Accessibility and inclusivity shape each ride with features like low step-through design, easy-to-steer active frame, higher capacity battery and sleek doors to make our top quality model even easier for seniors, children, and differently abled loved ones to enjoy the family adventure.

  • Ferla Cargo Bike - Royce Mid-Drive

    The All New Royce Mid-Drive electric bike is a Stylish & Powerful All Family Electric Cargo Bike. The same sleek, polished, and head-turning Ferla Design now with a powerful mid-drive engine, the highest capacity battery on the market, and a new dynamic light frame. You'll go for longer than ever before and experience an entirely new level of family adventure.

  • Royce EU edition


    Experience the cost-effective Royce model: EU edition.

    Uncompromised quality crafted for European market.

    Powered by a 250W high-torque Bafang motor.

  • Ferla Lagom Electric Cargo Bike

    Take two or even three kids and cargo anywhere while riding off on our sleek new Long-tail Bike: Model LAGOM. This super versatile and most powerful electric bike works for everyone in the family. With all this and more, you'll never want to drive again! Get yours now at our Special Release Price.

  • Ferla FX-Series 750

    Bicycle Features:
    • SRAM Drivetrain System
    • 160 mm Hydraulic Brake System (Front & Rear)
    • Adjustable Air Suspension Fork
    • 26 x 4.0 Kenda Fat tires
    • Riser mtb style handlebars
    • Ergonomic grips, handlebar (bell included)
    • Heavyy duty kickstand

    Electric Features:

    • World Class 750 Watt Bafang Geared Hub Motor (1,040 Watt Pack)
    • 48 Volt Battery - 17Ah Extended Range Battery
    • Original Samsung Battery
    • LCD Advanced Matric Display
    • V12 Kunteng Cadence Pedal Assist Sensor with 9 levels
    • Internal Controller and Wiring
    • Integrated front and rear lights
    • In-frame detachable battery with USB port