10 Benefits of Biking with Kids

As with any other form of exercise, biking with kids inspires a number of physical, mental, and communal health benefits. In the case of riding a Ferla Family Cargo Bike, the value extends to include improving everyday commuting, sustainable travel, and a number of other areas that can be of value to the development of children and their families. 

To dive a bit further into the nuances of how a family bike can improve the lives of parents and their young ones, we invite our readers to explore these ten inspirational benefits to biking with kids. 

Promoting Health & Fitness

According to the Better Health Channel, there are a number of specific advantages cycling on a regular basis can offer parents and their young ones. For the older family members who might pedal their kids in a Ferla Family Cargo Bike — regular cycling can help protect you from serious diseases and disasters like strokes, heart attacks, various forms of cancer, depression, obesity, arthritis, and diabetes! 

This long list of scary medical conditions is a good reason to introduce your children to cycling at a young age. There are two ways to do this. The first is to get them their own, regular bicycle. The second is to implement cycling with kids into your family culture by replacing your car with a Cargo Bike. With one in the family, you can introduce your children to healthy habits, while preserving your own longevity. 

Biking with kids

Spending Quality Time With The Family

When you teach your little ones to ride their own bikes, you will create memories that last a lifetime. There’s no reason for your family cycling fun to stop there. Riding a bike like the Ferla Family Cargo model to and from work, school, sports, and music classes takes quality time with the family from inside a stuffy, gas-guzzling car into the fresh air on a fun, invigorating adventure. 

Once your family has adopted the Ferla Family Cargo as your go-to mode of transportation, you’ll be shocked at how much more often your kids want to leave the house. Use this as an opportunity to plan healthy, family-time excursions like riding the family bike to go to a nearby hiking trail, beach, or public park. The more fun and valuable you make family time, the more it will mean to everyone involved. 

Introducing Your Kids To Their Neighbors 

When out and about with your family on a Ferla Family Cargo Bike, you get to enjoy the benefits of regular cycling beyond the physical and the mental. The social advantages of riding in a Ferla are endless. Don’t shield your loved ones away from neighbors and possible friends behind closed windows and metal doors. Head out for rides around the cul-de-sac, or up and down the block, and embrace the natural wonder and intrigue that comes whenever a new friend feasts their eyes on a family bike. 

Teaching your child how to be open and promote community will not only benefit them in the long run, but it will benefit our world as a whole. Introducing your kids to their neighbors through the fun and healthy activity of family bike riding is an undoubtedly positive way for parents to impart influence. 

Cycling Improves Education

There are countless studies pointing to the advantages of introducing children to cycling at a young age. Getting them riding a bike is healthy, fun, and the first step towards instilling healthy standards, the second is setting a strong example. Rather than taking your kids to school in a gas-guzzling car, keep the benefits of riding a family bicycle by using a Ferla Family Cargo for your commutes.

In addition to the qualities a child gains from riding their own bike, there are also the numerous positive elements included in a daily commute on a Ferla. Fresh air is proven to help cognitive function, and be an emotional booster. Our products also introduce younger generations to green, emissions-free travel at a young age — which is vital for their future. All in all, there are a number of reasons why family cycling improves a child’s overall educational experience. 

Teaching Your Children About Sustainability

To elaborate even further on the last note regarding sustainability, it’s been made clear by experts across the globe that action needs to be taken immediately to preserve survivable conditions on our planet. While the effects of climate change have already had massive consequences, the earth will only become more volatile if we continue to live our lives as usual. Major changes happen with new generations, and it’s every modern parent’s responsibility to raise an eco-conscious family. 

There’s no more fun and beneficial way to impart an emissions-free example on your young ones, than by picking up and riding a Ferla Family Cargo Bike. The battery-powered pedal assist options on the electric bike models provide speed and physical relief in a way that makes longer commutes to schools and stores in the suburbs attainable without sweat. Parents who enjoy these benefits also raise their kids with a close-up look at how a sustainable, gas-free adult life is realistic and attractive. 

Save Money For Better Experiences

While taking some time to save the planet, purchasing a Ferla Family Cargo Bike will also save your wallet in the long run. The base price of a brand-new cargo trike is equivalent to that of an old, beat-up, used car. For the same amount of money, you can take off on a state-of-the-art family bike with an electric motor, and the highest quality components, none of which have ever been used before. As the years pass, you can continue to count your savings on things like gas, car maintenance, and insurance.

What can a family do with all of that extra dough? Sort of whatever they want! Plan fun trips, and take off on the family trike to enjoy them. Save up for essentials like school tuition, groceries, and special gifts. Most importantly, you can use that extra money to deck out your Ferla Family Cargo Bike with some of our most attractive accessories, making riding all the more fun for the whole family. 

Enjoying The Mental Health Benefits Of Riding A Bike

There are numerous mental health benefits that come with regularly implementing a form of exercise like cycling into a daily routine. The physical excursion is known to release endorphins and other important chemicals that help fight off depression, anxiety, and other daunting mental health disorders. For this reason, we encourage parents to get their kids on their own individual bikes, and move family travel to a cycle-based system like a Ferla Family Cargo Bike. 

Parents ride with children

It’s important for parents and their children to maintain regular access to fresh air and exercise to keep their minds healthy. Beyond warding off disorders, there are also improving benefits that come with exposure to cycling can help to improve focus, sharpen memory, and promote better sleep. 

Promoting Local Travel

We love to travel, both near and far. Obviously, massive events like the Coronavirus Pandemic have upended flying, staying in hotels, and visiting crowded places. Before the lockdowns, all of these activities were fun, but also expensive and cumulatively not so great for the environment. By slowing down and simplifying, we’ve learned to appreciate the wonder that surrounds us. That’s why we’re proud of the Ferla Family Cargo Bike’s ability to promote local travel. 

We’ve already discussed how biking around the neighborhood will introduce your family to those surroundings. It will also introduce you to nearby delights and attractions like the city’s public park system, local hiking trails, and even farms. Overall, the access these bikes create will help promote the benefits of local travel for years to come. 

Increasing Time Spent Outdoors

The outdoors are an important place for developing minds. For reasons that we’ve mentioned above — mental health benefits, physical health benefits, community-promoting benefits — fresh air is vital to a healthy upbringing. Keeping a Ferla Family Cargo Bike around to complement your kids’ cul-de-sac adventures is a great way to increase time spent outdoors for both the young ones, and the adults. 

Family Biking

In addition to fresh air benefits of cycling, there are also countless physiological and psychological improvements that come with exposure to sunlight, animals, and plants. Integrate your family with the world, and get them out on a ride as soon as you can. 

Joining The Ferla Community

As we’ve listed out here, there are a ton of positive ways cycling as a family and individually can influence a child’s upbringing. In addition to all of the social, psychological, and physical upsides, there’s also the advantage of bringing your family into the Ferla Community.

As we consistently dream up new products and concepts, you can stay in the loop to enhance your green family cycling practices for years to come. Be sure to read along on the Ferla Family Bikes Blog, and take a moment to follow us on social media for regular updates on new bikes, accessories, and more!