Best Places to Bike in Los Angeles

Of all the major cities across the United States, Los Angeles is among the most bike-friendly. And it’s all thanks to the amazing landscapes, perfect year-round weather, and topography that suits riders of all levels. Anyone from fitness enthusiasts to the eco-conscious can feel right at home in this part of Southern California. And whether you want a fun beach day, some time to work out, or just a simple outing, there are plenty of great places to ride bikes with your family.

After plenty of research and our own personal experience, we’ve picked some of the best bike trails for families in the area.These paths will take you through scenic parks, near expansive beaches, and past many iconic landmarks. And when you’re ready to stop for the day, there’s lots to do nearby once you park. Here are seven of the best kid-friendly bike trails you’ll find in and around Los Angeles.

1. Ballona Creek Bike Path

If you’re looking for a bike trail that’s not too hard and leads you to lots of cool places, then try the one near Ballona Creek. You’ll start off at Syd Kronenthal Park, where the kids can either play ball or go on the swing set. While riding along Ballona Creek, you’ll get some gorgeous views of the water that only look more beautiful during sundown. Finally, you’ll reach Playa Del Rey, not far from the nearby Fisherman's Village. Why not take the chance to enjoy the oceanside town of Marina Del Rey? You can visit some of the local shops, admire the docked boats, and even head to the beach for some relaxation.

Ballona Creek Bike Path

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2. Griffith Park

Griffith Park is a place that everyone in Los Angeles should visit, whether they’re tourists or local families. Even better: you get to choose between two different trails. The easy route goes right by the park’s carousel and Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn, making a great family day trip. Meanwhile, the more rugged path takes you over Mount Hollywood and past the iconic sign. And when you’re done riding around, lock up your bike securely and walk through the acclaimed Observatory for the most amazing view of the city. It’s the perfect place for when you want to spend the day enjoying the outdoors and gaze across the glittering landscape.

3. Chandler Bikeway

What once was a set of old railroad tracks is now a splendid five-and-a-half-mile bike path right in the middle of Burbank. Chandler Bikeway takes you through a number of local neighborhoods and industrial areas, running all the way out west to North Hollywood. Whether you like to bike, jog, or even skateboard, you’ll pass by everything from colorful houses and vibrant murals to plenty of citrus trees that look gorgeous all year round. There are even specially marked lanes for walking and biking, helping you feel even safer no matter the time of day.

 Chandler Bikeway

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4. Arroyo Seco Rose Bowl Loop

Fans of college football and local flea markets know all about Pasadena’s Rose Bowl Stadium. But did you know that it’s also a popular spot for cyclists and joggers alike?  While it's not the prettiest entry on this list, the three-mile-long loop still makes for an easy workout spot. So why not take the kids with you and show them just how fun health and fitness can be? As an added bonus, it's also very well-lit at night time. So you can feel completely safe if you want to avoid the crowds and go super early or super late.

5. Marvin Braude Bike Trail a.k.a. The Strand

Otherwise known as ‘The Strand,’ the longest bike trail on our list stretches for 22 miles. You can start off up north in the Pacific Palisades after stopping at Will Rogers State Beach. Or if you're located down south, ride to Torrance Beach over in South Bay. Whichever one you choose, you’ll have your pick of some quintessential California beaches throughout your ride. We especially love Santa Monica Pier, where you and the kids can have lots of fun at the nearby amusement park and the local markets. Or you can just enjoy a nice treat while you sit and admire the ocean. 

Marvin Braude Bike Trail a.k.a. The Strand

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6. Long Beach Shoreline Bike Path

When you’re on a family beach day in Southern Los Angeles, why not take time to ride along the water’s edge? The city of Long Beach is an ideal place for cyclists and biking enthusiasts, thanks to its many accessible bike paths and wide-open streets. And the one along the shoreline takes you right to the tip of the Alamitos Peninsula. Measuring 17 feet wide, including two six-foot lanes built just for bikes, there’s more than enough room to fit either a standard two-wheeler or front-loading cargo model. And although it runs through a very busy beach, you’ll be happy to know that this city works extra hard to keep it clear of sand. So you can get out and enjoy your ride without all the hassle.

7. Glendale Narrows

Glendale Narrows runs for just over seven amazing miles along the Los Angeles River, giving you plenty of options for an exciting family outing. You’ll start off next to the Hollywood sign and go around Griffith Park, which you can also ride around. There are lots of opportunities for day trips along the way, including stops at the Los Angeles Zoo, Moonlight Rollerway, and trail rides at Griffith Park & Southern Railroad. Finally, you’ll reach Elysian Park, which also surrounds Dodgers Stadium. It does run parallel to a major highway, however, to try to avoid it during rush hour for a quieter (and less hazardous) ride.

Tips for Biking Safely

No matter where you live and ride your bike, you should always take extra steps to keep you and your passengers safe. And with lots of natural disasters happening throughout the year, the Los Angeles area is no exception. Even with all that nice weather, lots of other hazards can still pop up at any time. That’s why we’ve listed out some of our best safety tips below, so everyone can enjoy the outdoors the right way.

Cargo bike for kids
  1. Keep tabs on the weather report, no matter what time of year it is. Since it rarely ever gets below 48° F, you won’t have to worry about snow. But between wildfires, floods, mudslides, and potential earthquakes, you need to be prepared for anything to happen.
  1. No matter which bike you ride, always be careful when going over hills or around corners. Even with the best brakes available, it’s easy to lose control while riding up and down uneven terrains. Not to mention that a front-loading bike can easily tip over if you turn too fast. So slow down, watch what’s ahead of you, and really take the time to admire your surroundings.
  1. When it comes to getting your kids involved, remember to start off small. Instead, go on shorter rides around the neighborhood for things like school drop-offs or playdates. Gradually build up to a longer bike ride that they’re more likely to enjoy.
  1. If you choose a bike path that’s near a busy highway, avoid riding during rush-hour traffic. Yes, the tall metal fences and highway dividers can usually protect you from potential accidents. But if you bike several times a week, being exposed to that much polluted air will seriously impact your health.

Why Not Bring Your Ferla Cargo Bike

Now that you know which trails to choose from, you need to find a good bike for family rides and outings. And with its extra space and high-tech features, a great cargo e-bike is definitely your best option.

Cargo e-bikes

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You and your family deserve the best outdoor experience possible, from the right location to the right equipment. So why not take your Ferla cargo e-bike on any of these amazing Los Angeles trails?