Instead Of A Bike With Trailer, Ride A Ferla Family Cargo Bike

It is at the core of human nature to take joy in spending time with family, and exercising outdoors. For many people seeking to amplify these important parts of life, a sustainable mode of transport like a bike with a trailer makes for an ideal lifestyle purchase.

However, we believe we have a product that offers the same appeal as your average bicycle trailer, but with a higher quality build, and more thoughtful design. To help those who are looking at child carriage bicycles, we’re going to use this post to break down how cargo trikes are better than a kids' bicycle trailer for the modern, active family.

First Off, What’s A Bike Trailer? How Does It Work?

Before we go improving on this piece of exercise and travel machinery, let’s break down what a kids’ bicycle with a trailer typically is — a single-axle stroller, with a drawbar attached to a regular bicycle which pulls it along. There are some attractive elements to the build, like an asymmetrical draw bar that can bend and allow for free turns in both directions.

Trailer bike

Your average back carrier compartment on a trike with a trailer is usually small, capsule like, and featuring one seat, two max. Inside, your kid will be on an exciting ride and can find protection from the road and weather, and they can be secure in a safety belt, but they’ll also be enclosed.

Sure, there are a variety of designs that children’s bike trailers come in, but before we started exploring them, we decided to move forward with a concept that we think is simply better than the trailer.

Bike with trailer

Family Cargo Bike vs. Bicycle Trailer

Essentially, we believe that a Ferla Family Cargo Bike with its signature front-bucket, which seats up to four children, is a safer, more fun, more inclusive alternative to a bicycle trailer.

More kids in cargo bike

To help paint that picture, we’re going to look first at some of the limitations of relying on bicycle trailers for regular transport, exercise, and more.

The Downsides To A Bike Trailer

From our research, it seems that you’ll only want to have your child riding in a trailer until they’re seven years old, and then grow out of it. And until you arrive at that point, you’ll have to consider these elements of riding.

  • Towing a bicycle trailer, or even using a tricycle with a trailer, on gravel and sand is limiting and difficult.
  • Using an ebike with a trailer, towing can be a bit dangerous, especially at high speeds. Without an e-bike, towing becomes very physically exhausting.
  • Pulling a child behind while riding makes it impossible for the cyclist to keep an eye on them. 
  • The cyclist also often inadvertently sends dirt and dust kicking off the rear wheel into the bike trailer, and onto their children. 

The Upsides Of Riding A Ferla Family Cargo Trike

Family Cargo Bike

The Ferla Family Cargo is one of the most attractive and high quality carriage bikes on the market. Built to carry up to 350 lbs, the family rides don’t have to stop when the kids grow up. The fun can also start a lot sooner with a cargo bike, especially with our Toddler Seat attachment, which makes it safe for children as young as three months to ride. Here are a free more of the upsides to choosing a cargo over a bicycle trailer:

  • When pushing your children along, rather than pulling them, you can keep an eye on how they’re doing, talk to them, and genuinely enjoy the journey together.
  • The wide carrier space gives your passengers some space, freedom and comfort — making this a far more attractive option for everyday commuting.
  • The active frame design makes a Ferla Family Cargo easy to maneuver for cyclists of all levels.
  • Weather-proof accessories make our carriage bikes viable modes of transport every day of the year.
  • Every Ferla Family Cargo Bike is available in an electric model with exceptional pedal-assist technology.
Weather-proof accessories for Cargo Family Bike

With all of these upsides, it’s no surprise that the cargo bike is beginning to replace family cars all across the country, and around the world.

Looking At Your Options Side By Side

It might sound like we’re trying to make this sound too simple, and we understand that looking for a child carriage bicycle can be super difficult with so many options out there. Maybe your family’s best option is an electric bicycle with a trailer, maybe it’s a family trike, maybe you’re still not sure. To help simplify it all, we put together this table to visualize the most noteworthy characteristics of each option side-by-side.

Bike Trailer

Ferla Family Cargo Bike

Age of passenger

1-7 years

3 months (with a toddler seat) onwards







Storage space

No or little

Lockable storage compartment

Child supervision while moving

No (back)

Yes (front)

View for the passenger

Through a window in the awning

360 degrees





Flat, bike-friendly

Most types


Up to 150 lbs

Up to 350 lbs

When trying to answer questions like — How long will my purchase last me? How many different things can I do with this purchase? And what will benefit my family the most, and bring us the most joy? We believe that the cargo proves to be the more wise investment for long-term fun, transportation, exercise, and reliability.

To help sweeten the choice of going with a family cargo bike, Ferla takes a number of extra steps to ensure superior quality and appearance. Here are some of the perks we are most excited about:

  • Customizable paint, and accessories with each cargo box design.
  • Easy-to-maneuver advanced steering on every bike.
  • Affordable rates that never sacrifice quality.
  • An enviable collection of Cargo Bike Accessories.
  • Availability in electric, and non-electric models.
  • Reliable safety features including roll cage, and there-point harness seatbelts.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Durable and long lasting.

We could go on and on, and we do throughout our website, blog, and social media accounts. If you have questions about our products, check out the following FAQ, and also always feel free to reach out and pick the minds of the team here.


What is the difference between a family cargo bike and a bike trailer?

This whole article goes into depth, but the main differences are that family cargo bikes can carry up to four passengers seated in front of the driver within eyesight. Your typical bike trailer is a capsule-shaped attachment that gets pulled from the back of a bike, and has an average capacity of two children.


At what ages can children ride on a bike trailer?

A single-seat bicycle trailer can handle a load of up to 75 lbs. Therefore, a baby bicycle trailer is usually usable for only children up to seven years old. It’s considered by many to be unsafe for older children.


Are trailer bikes safe? 

Generally speaking, these are safe, durable and reliable in the least challenging of circumstances. To protect better, travel further, and explore wider — a Ferla Family Cargo Bike is the safer, more reliable option.