How Do Cargo Bikes Help Preschoolers Stay Active?

With countless video games, VR experiences, and YouTube channels for kids, it can be a challenge to encourage outdoor time during the summer. In a highly digital age, getting preschoolers outside and active is one of the best ways to take care of their physical and mental health. Family bikes, such as cargo bikes, are gaining more popularity each year, especially as they are an exciting way to get moving with your little ones while discovering new places. Electric cargo bikes are quickly becoming a family favorite preschool bike for getting around with toddlers in the summer.

What is a Cargo Bike?

The cargo bike is the perfect family travel alternative to driving. It has a longer frame than a regular bike, along with a cargo box big enough for 2-4 kids. The majority of cargo bikes, such as the Ferla, feature the cargo box attachment in the front of the bike, allowing parents to always have their children visible. The front compartment is also designed for kids in mind, with secure features such as seatbelts installed. These days, cargo bikes include an electric feature to provide you with prolonged transport, even when your legs give out.

Preschool bicycle

Cargo Preschool Bike vs Regular Bike

Many kids lack the motivation or interest to learn how to bike on their own, especially if it’s a new activity for them. Parents may buy their children their own bikes only to find them gathering dust in the garage soon after. Often, the learning curve creates frustration and boredom for preschoolers and their new bikes. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry — there are options!

Cargo bikes are a creative alternative to universal bikes for kids, as they engage your kids in a group family activity, rather than leaving them to learn something on their own. The excitement of riding in the cargo box is a highly stimulating learning experience that creates a newfound interest in biking and active forms of transport.

Benefits of Cargo Bikes for Preschoolers

There are numerous advantages of taking your preschoolers on a cargo bike ride regularly. We’ve compiled sone of the best reasons why cargo bikes for kids are a great way to help preschoolers stay active during the summer:

  • Improve mental health and learning abilities. With numerous studies indicating the relationship between outdoor time and mental health, it comes as no surprise that the technological era is having a negative impact on children’s mental health and focus in school. Cargo bikes are the perfect preschool bicycle to get your kids excited about active travel and give them a much-needed breather from their screens. By engaging your preschoolers in an outdoor activity, you can greatly increase their happiness and improve brain function.
  • Enhance physical health. With the plethora of unhealthy food marketed to children from a very young age, getting regular physical exercise is crucial to keep them active and healthy. Taking your preschoolers out on a cargo bike for kids is the perfect way to show them that getting physical activity can be fun and exciting. This can shape the way they think about exercise and spending time in nature from a young age, creating healthy and balanced habits for years to come.
  • Provide an interactive learning experience. Family cargo bikes offer the perfect opportunity to connect with your children and teach them about the world. Children are naturally curious, so they will ask you many questions as they observe the world from a new perspective.
  • Deepen your bond with your preschoolers. Cargo bikes are the ideal preschool bikes to improve your relationship with your children. With models such as the Ferla, your toddlers are constantly  in view, presenting an opportunity to be in conversation with them and answer all their questions.
  • Improve self-confidence. These are the ideal preschool bicycle to teach preschoolers how to navigate the neighborhood. Instead of teaching kids that they need Google Maps and a car to get around, you get to show them how to navigate the world on their own. This is a useful skill to have in emergencies, while also building their self-confidence in other areas of life.

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Which Cargo Bike Should I Choose for My Kids?

If you can’t wait to get your preschoolers out of the house, consider these options while choosing your prefect cargo bike for kids. Ferla has three main models that are ideal for parents looking to convert to an active form of transport:

  • Ferla Inspire: The Inspire is Ferla’s budget-friendly model, available in an e-bike and pedal-only option. With a maximum speed of up to 20 mph (electric) and a cargo load of 250 lbs, this model can easily support families with toddlers with sensitivities to higher speeds. The cargo box can carry up to four kids, one adult and two kids, or two adults. If you are just planning on a preschool bike to ride around the neighborhood on flat terrain, this is the perfect model for you!
  • Ferla Royce: The Royce is Ferla’s mid-budget model, available in solely an e-bike/pedal hybrid model. With a maximum speed of 25 mph and cargo load of 350 lbs, you’ll be able to fit those growing preschoolers on this bike for the near future (with ample space for groceries, too!). This hybrid model includes hydraulic brakes and is ideal for hilly urban terrain.
  • Ferla Mid-Drive: The Royce Mid-Drive is Ferla’s newest and most high-performance model. If you are thinking of taking your cargo bike for kids on longer-range adventures with lots of uphill terrain, this is the one! With a 36V Li-ion battery and a range of 50-75 miles, the Royce Mid-Drive takes your family on even the wildest adventures. The 400 lb cargo load supports your preschoolers well into their childhood and provides your family with unforgettable memories to cherish.

In Conclusion

As parents, we often forget the influence that we have over our children’s physical and mental health. By engaging them in regular stimulating activities, such as family cargo bike rides, we can expand their interests, shift their perspective about what is “fun”, and positively impact their growth and well-being. Check out Ferla’s models to find the right preschool bike model that will provide you with a balanced summer lifestyle.