How to lock up a bike? What do we use for Ferla

No matter where you live, keeping your cargo bike properly locked is essential. Bikes are must-have items for many thieves, and they’re a lot easier to steal than a car. So knowing where and how to lock it, and ensuring you’ve got all the right locks, will make all the difference.

Take a look at some of our bike security tips, along with a full rundown of the Kryptonite bike locks in our collection.

Cargo bike

How to Lock Up a Cargo Ebike

Although we’re mainly talking about cargo ebikes, specifically, our own, remember that these tips will work with all types of bicycles and tricycles.

  1. Don’t Rely on Cable Locks Alone

Thieves love it when they find a bike using only a cable lock because they’re so easy to cut. All they need to do is pull out a small pair of bolt cutters, snip it, and within 30 seconds the bike is all theirs. So if you’re ever going to use one, make sure it’s alongside a more heavy-duty lock. Which reminds us…

  1. Get Multiple Locks

Oftentimes, using several different locks at once is the only way to really lock up a bike. We personally recommend a number of heavy locks for the main frame and a smaller one to wrap around the front wheel. Since this set-up means a lot more work for potential bike thieves, they’ll usually keep away out of fear. 

  1. Keep Your Bike Within Sight…

Obviously, you should make sure your bike is visible when you’re out running errands. This way you can monitor it and act fast if someone suspicious approaches it. Place it just outside the window or door of whatever business you're visiting, and make sure you have something to attach all your locks to.

  1. …But Not Always

However, there are some times when it's best not to store your bike in full view of everyone else. For example, it should not be obvious to complete strangers that you’re at the movies or home. So we recommend locking up your bike at least two blocks away from any business you’ll be spending several hours in. As for home, just keep it in either your household garage or a storage shed.

  1. Never Leave Anything in Your Bike

Even if you think your neighborhood is safe, you should never leave anything inside the cargo area. This is also true for bike accessories like helmets, trays, and removable seats. So take whatever is easy to carry with you, and get an extra lock for anything that’s a lot bulkier such as a toddler seat.

  1. Attach Your Bike to an Immovable Object 

A bike rack is the most obvious choice here, just esure that it's firmly bolted down into the concrete beforehand. Other objects such as sign posts, gates, light poles, or even trees also work when securing your bike. However, make sure that thieves can’t lift the whole thing up and slide it out of whatever you’ve attached it to.

Ferla Bikes Now Offers Kryptonite Locks for Bikes

Kryptonite is one of the best bike lock manufacturers in the world, using innovative technologies and decades of experience to keep bikes and their owners safe. That’s why we at Ferla now have six of their locks in our catalog that you can choose from. These include six chains and two U-locks, each one with their own set of keys. No matter their design, they’re all equipped with a super secure deadbolt and a disc-style cylinder that resists picking and drilling.

The following chain locks can be found on or website:

  1. Kryptonite New York Chain 1210 
  2. Kryptonite Evolution 1090 Integrated Chain
  3. Kryptonite Series 2 995 Integrated Chain

Locks for bike

Each one has manganese steel links and a protective nylon sleeve to prevent damage. Both New York chains use a EVS4 disc lock: a hook-and-loop design like what you’d use in a locker room. The other two function like a seatbelt and click into the attached cylinder.

To use them, wrap your chain tightly around the bike and leave no space for cutters. For extra security, we suggest using them alongside either of the U-locks:

  1. Kryptonite New-U Evolution Standard
  2. New-U Kryptolock Standard with Flex

Locks for cargo bikes

The larger hook and loop design makes it easier to fit around multiple bike parts. Use the frame, wheel, and spokes to take up as much of the space within the lock as you can, making it harder for thieves to get in there and cut it. If you buy the Standard, then use the accompanying Kryptoflex Double-Looped Cable to further secure the front wheel.

Furthermore, keep all of these locks off the ground, and always position them so the keyhole faces downward and they can’t be tampered with as easily.

Ferla Is All About Safety

There’s one thing we believe here at Ferla; you can’t fully enjoy an investment if you don’t protect it. So we’ve gone the extra mile and selected some of the best locks available to secure your cargo ebike and give you peace of mind.

And remember, you can always contact our managers with all your questions or concerns about Ferla bike safety.