How Will Ferla Family Cargo Bikes Make Your Life Better?

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic brought the world to a standstill, forcing us to reconsider how we accomplished our everyday tasks. No longer could we go to many of our local hangouts; instead, people were forced to discover new passions, many choosing outdoor activities as a way to escape the confines of their homes. One activity that grew tremendously in popularity, especially among families, was the use of cargo bikes. Cargo bikes are the perfect form of transportation, providing ample room for not only every member of your family but their gear as well. Ferla, the premier name in high-quality, beautiful cargo bikes, creates the most comfortable, expertly crafted bikes that improve families' lives across the globe. If you're considering joining in the fun and exciting bike lifestyle that is taking the world by storm, keep reading to find out which cargo bike is the perfect match for your family!

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How Ferla Cargo Bikes Improve The Lives Of Families

Cargo bikes are the ideal option for families thanks to their ease of use and maximum storage capabilities. They are the perfect option for everything from a leisurely ride to shopping since they feature electric propulsion for ease of use and roomy cargo space that can fit multiple children, loads of bags, and all the gear you could ever need. But how can a Ferla electric cargo bike improve your family's life? Let's take a look at their three stunning models and find out.

Ferla Electric Cargo Bike - Inspire

When affordability and quality matter, Ferla's newest cargo bike model Inspire, delivers. With the same quality craftsmanship you've come to expect from the Ferla name; this lightweight model is the perfect introduction to the bike lifestyle. The Inspire allows you to choose between electric or non-electric functions for greater flexibility while riding and can carry up to a 250-pound payload cargo capacity.

The Inspire contains a 350W high-torque motor and a 36V, 10.5h Lithium-Ion battery providing up to twenty-five miles of powerful riding per charge so your family can have hours of worry-free fun. The Inspire is the perfect introduction to the joy of family bikes.

Ferla Bike Inspire

Ferla Electric Cargo Bike - Royce

Now, you can ditch your vehicle thanks to Ferla's ultra-roomy Royce model cargo bike. Built to bring families closer together, the Royce effortlessly pairs accessibility and inclusivity with features like its low step-through design and ultra-sleek side doors. Now everyone from seniors and children to differently-abled loved ones can experience the joy of the bike lifestyle. The Royce allows you to travel green, ditching harmful fossil fuels and opting for cleaner electric energy, while your kids develop a love for the great outdoors while letting their imaginations soar! The Royce has a 360 lb cargo payload capacity and features a 350W high-torque motor and 36V, 16 Ah Lithium-Ion battery for up to forty-five miles of fun per charge. Imagine all the family adventures you will share with the Royce!

Ferla Bike Royce

Ferla Electric Cargo Bike - Royce Mid-Drive

When sustainability matters, the Ferla Royce Mid-Drive provides the power to run all your errands in a planet-friendly design. Featuring a 19.2 Ah Lithium-Ion battery, the highest capacity option on the market, and a 400 lb payload cargo capacity, there is truly nothing your family can't do in the Royce Mid-Drive. Head out for a full day of adventure thanks to an incredible sixty miles per charge, and see where the road takes you. The lightweight frame design makes maneuvering easier than ever, and the whole family can fit comfortably with room for up to four children. Now you never have to sacrifice power and comfort for sustainability, thanks to the Royce Mid-Drive.

Ferla Mid-Drive Bike

What Customers Say About The Ferla Electric Cargo Bike

Whether it’s the award-winning design, incredible financing options, family-friendly construction, or one of the dozens of other reasons, customers can't stop talking about their love for their Ferla electric cargo bike.

Take, for example, Tobias, a dad of two who was looking for the best options for his children. He was pleased with the entire experience, including the helpful customer service that guided him through the purchasing process from start to finish. In his own words, Tobias proudly states, "our family is extremely happy with purchasing Ferla Family Bike, and we highly recommend taking a look at this amazing company!"

Another customer, Josselin, discovered the joy a bike lifestyle brought during quarantine when her Ferla bike provided a way for her two children to remain active outdoors. Not only were they able to get out of the house, but Josselin happily exclaims, "only because of that purchase we started to spend more family time all together with my wife and kids." It's clear to see that family bikes are the perfect way to bond and create memories that will last a lifetime! Tobias and Josselin aren't the only ones whose family life has improved thanks to their electric cargo bike and the bike lifestyle they bring. Click here to read even more customer testimonials!

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Adapting To Your Cargo Bike Lifestyle

For those who have purchased an electric cargo bike, there are five important tips on how to best adapt to your new bike lifestyle.

Utilize The Electric

One of the best aspects of your cargo bike is its electric feature which makes hauling even heavy cargo a breeze. So ditch the sweaty clothing and take advantage of the ease of use your electric motor offers!

Be Patient

Electric cargo bikes are large, and it may take some time to get used to their size. Be patient and give yourself time to adapt; before you know it, you'll be riding like a pro!

Understand Loading

Loading your bike correctly makes a huge difference, so be sure to place heavy items lower to regulate your center of gravity.

Don't Forget Maintenance

Ferla electric cargo bikes require only minimal maintenance, but it is important to give them a look over daily. Check the tire pressure, charge the battery, and make sure the electrical components are intact to ensure years of uninterrupted use.


To get the most out of your bike lifestyle, don't be afraid to stop and talk to people. Electric cargo bikes are a great way to meet new friends, and they make the perfect conversation starter!


If you're ready to join the thousands who discovered the joy a bike lifestyle brings, turn to Ferla for the highest quality electric cargo bikes on the market. Now you can develop the bonds and memories that only family bikes bring with Ferla!