15 Tips Every Parent Should Know to Keep Their Kids Active During Quarantine

No doubt, we all are going through challenging times. Covid19 has locked everyone indoors. It seems to be a very challenging time for many of us. But it no denies the fact that challenging times also come with great blessings. Right? Of course, they do. Let me explain how!

We have learned a lot of new things and techniques while staying at home. Also, family relations and communications have become better and deep during this time. People have become more caring for each other. We have learned how to work and run the world by staying at home.

But how is this time good for children? Aren't they bored while staying in their rooms for such long periods? Isn't it affecting their mental and physical health? So what do you do to overcome these shortcomings? Is letting them go outside the right decision? If so, what are some tips to stay safe?

You don't have to let them go outside to play with other kids, but you have to pre-arrange activities that stimulate their curiosity to play outside. Be a friend to them. Don't act like a formal and strict parent. Let them talk to you comfortably and conveniently. Think of activities that can help your children sharpen their skills and boost curiosity. Here are some very useful tips to keep your kids active while staying at home during the quarantine or vacation period, enforced due to Covid 19. Read on!


Child getting out of the Ferla Family Cargo Bike Royce Edition

15 Ways to Keep the Kids Active During Quarantine

Keep in mind these useful tips to keep your children active, happy, and healthy during the quarantine period require your utmost attention. We believe in you; parents! You can do it!

1. Mind Puzzle Activities with Your Kids

Knowledge and intelligence are a kind of wealth; the more you consume, the more enhanced it is. So why leave it idle? A kid's brain needs to be exercised regularly to raise a sharp-minded child. So never let them sit idle. Assign them with challenging activities regularly. These could be some activities as given below:

2. Practice Challenging Tasks

Assign your kids some challenging tasks that induce problem-solving skills in your children. For example, you can ask them to mix ingredients for a cake batter or fill as many buckets of water as they can. 

The tactical idea is to bring the mind puzzle aboard and play the speedy version of "Eye Spy!" It's a real challenge! 

3. Assign Activity Areas

Specify a special corner in or outside your house, particularly for kids' activities. It can be a garden, lawn, or terrace. Ask them to perform roping, jumping jacks, knee bends, and many more such energy-boosting activities in a fun way.

4. Celebrate the little successes as a team.

Take routine breaks outside, where the family takes a quick ride on a Ferla Family Cargo Bike. It truly is a way to let go and the wind blow through your hair.

5. Get involved in Household Duties

Drag your children calmly as nicely as you can towards household chores. Encouraging them to participate is more about them than it is for you. Creating a collaborative environment will validate their productive abilities and help them feel a part of the family. 

Try Assigning your children with minor tasks from household activities like putting all the toys in their right place, restocking the bathroom and kitchen essentials for the household, helping you make and bringing salt or sugar. At the same time, this could be a really good way to feel involved in the day to day process. Establishing importance in their roles helps with learning accountability.

6. Make Your Children Socially Active 

Being socially active is somehow difficult during the quarantine. When we told our people to stay indoors, many of us sheltered inward and forgot how to communicate the way we used to. Also, we miss punctuality and regularity in our life and so do our kids. But it's a must as without a particular routine; kids become lazy and dumb. So to induce such social activities, consider the following ideas!

7. Engage Your Kids in Physical Activities

Physical activities can help your children develop a better immune system and good physical strength. Also, these activities will help prevent boredom and prevent the risk of bad behavior. Here are some activities that you can choose for your children:

8. Teaching a Sport to Your Kid

First, try to know the area of interest of your kids in sports. Teach them those games in which they are interested. This activity will keep them active and full of energy throughout the day.

A great way to effectively establish trust with your children and your encouragement to join a sport is through leading by example. Cycling is a sport that is not only recognized for getting great cardio, but it is also a great way to stay active. A Ferla Family Cargo is perfect for this because the Cargo Box allows you to interact with your children and get to know them better.

9. Create an Outdoor Obstacle Course

Outdoor obstacle courses are not only exciting, but they are also a very effective way to influence problem-solving abilities in children. Incorporate a moving element, like a bike, cargo bike, and roller skates, so your children are encouraged to think outside of their normal routine.

10. Plan a Garden Project

Sounds funny? Do it just for fun, and plan a garden project in your home's garden. It will just be a play for you, but it will be like an actual trip that will induce enthusiasm in them for kids. 

Don't forget to take a photo for the memory book. These memories travel at light speed. Gardening is a good hobby and also gives a fun time. Start it with your children. You share the importance of a green garden and plants like growing plants and sowing seasonal fruit seeds. Ask your children to water the plants daily. Teach them proper regulations for gardening.

11. Let Your Kids Build a Mud House

It is possible, though. Get some mud from your garden, let your children play in it, do whatever, and do whatever they want. Set your boundaries, of course! But this activity will make your kids creative and confident about what they created. Even though it may look. Muddy.

12. Turn the Screen Time into Productive Time

Children of the modern age are badly addicted to mobile phones and gadgets. Too much screen time is dangerous for their eyes, but the silent killer takes a toll on their mental health. 

Limiting the screen time and turning it into productive time will be beneficial for them and encourage them to know from healthy and unhealthy.

Parents today give their children gadgets to watch cartoons and music. Gadgets can be entertaining and mind diverting for your kid but not productive. Try showing them those videos that teach some lesson or skill—for example, play videos of easy DIY tutorials or short moral stories for your kids. 

13. Make a Schedule for Learning and Playing

A schedule is a must. Many people live day in and day out without a schedule and time management. Setting schedules help your kids set boundaries and understand the evolution of time. For example, get up at 7, have breakfast at 7.30, and then go out to a particular house area for badminton lessons. Jump into a Cargo Bike for a ride. 

14. Ask Them to Read eBooks for You.

Ask your kids to read eBooks for you and tell them those words which they pronounce wrong. Reading ebooks will help them increase their vocabulary and enhance their readability. Also, it will assist you in getting knowledge while doing other chores. Genius?

Better yet, bring them along your ride on the Ferla Family Cargo Bike! Having your children read eBooks to you would be a great way to get your audio podcast from the Cargo box during your drive.

15. Allow Them to put their Drawings and Paintings.

Drawing is a favorite chore for kids. They enjoy making drawings and paintings. Provide them pencil colors and poster colors. Assign them the task of painting. For example, place a vase in front of them and ask them to draw the same. Or go out for a drive and encourage them to capture a mental image and draw it upon their return. It's ok if it's not perfect. This activity will make them draw more vigilantly and induce a competitive spirit in your kids.

Some Other Tips That Will Help You in Keeping Your Children Active

Please don't ruin your children's capabilities by making them go idle for too long. Please pay attention to their grooming and learning.

  • Don't let them sleep more than enough sleeping time. Oversleeping will make your children super active.
  • Control the screen time of your kids. It is the most important thing you can do to protect them from eye and mental defects.
  • Avoid filling their stomachs with snacks. It can cause harm to their health. Make them eat healthy to stay active.

One day, we can look back at the quarantine period of our lives and be purposeful about this precious time despite all of its negative experiences for many people. The moment is a critical time for your kids. When in doubt about what to do. Stay active. It's the healthiest choice. Continue to teach your kids basic skills and good lessons in a fun way. Don't let them be idle for too long and ruin their creative years in mental agony. Work with them to make this time a memorable one.