Traveling Safely With Children on Ferla Electric Cargo Bicycle

If you plan on taking your children with you while biking, their safety should always be your biggest concern. You’ll want to ensure that they stay secure in their seats, the bike never tips over, and you can protect them from the weather and any on-coming traffic. This is exactly why you should consider getting one of Ferla’s electric cargo bicycles.

Continue reading to learn more about our safety features, and how we do everything we can to keep you and your children safe.

Electric Cargo Bicycle

What Are Some Advantages of a Cargo E-Bike?

A cargo e-bike offers more stability than a standard child seat or trailer. It also provides more storage room so you can  bring everything your child will need, such as snacks, games, and an extra change of clothes. But our advantages go a lot further than that, and you won’t even notice most of them until you start riding.

Let’s take a closer look at why we make some of the best bikes for parents and kids. 

Motor and Pedal

Unlike regular bicycles, e-bikes feature a battery-powered motor that you charge up before each use. It automatically switches on as soon as you start pedaling and helps you go farther and faster than you would on a standard model. This means that you’ll be less tired while riding and can carry heavier cargo than usual.

Ferla Inspire includes a 250 W motor, while the Royce and Royce Mid-Drive are at 350 Watts. They also come with cadence and torque assist to increase their power levels and provide you with a smoother ride. Depending on which model you get, you’re able to ride anywhere between 20 and over 25 miles per hour.


Each model comes equipped with two sets of 3-point harness seat belts to fully secure your passengers. We also design our front compartment with a roll cage to protect them in case it rolls over. And lights are attached to the front and rear to prevent possible collisions in low-light conditions, including fog, tunnels, and even nighttime.

Ferla also offers other accessories that you can purchase separately for enhanced safety and comfort. For example, we highly recommend our fully-enclosed canopy to shield your passengers from rain or direct sunlight. And we have leather and cloth toddler seats to keep your littlest ones, between 8 and 18 months, completely secure as you take them for a ride. 

Cargo tricycle


Most modern bicycles come equipped with at least one set of brakes, so obviously this is nothing unique. But the ones on an e-bike, including a cargo model, are especially important.

Our Inspire cargo tricycle features mechanical disc brakes, which are easier to adjust and require less complicated maintenance. While both of our Royce models use hydraulic brakes that are more powerful and can last longer. All three feature front parking brakes to keep you safe and steady while you’re going downhill.


Building a safe bicycle starts with choosing the best materials possible, and that’s exactly what we’ve done here at Ferla. Our front box is made from a bamboo composite that’s both strong and more ecological. We also use lightweight aluminum on our wheel rims and handlebars to make it easier to ride and put less strain on your body.

Furthermore, our tires are puncture-resistant to prevent accidents and frequent maintenance. And our seats are made from eco-leather and memory foam for a comfortable ride and easy cleanup.

Other Features

Although we love our e-bikes, we still know all too well that water and electric devices don’t mix. So we’ve taken the extra step of installing water-resistant connectors and wiring harnesses into each of our models. Even if you get caught in the rain, ride over a puddle, or spill a drink, nothing will be affected.

We’ve also included an LCD display between the handlebars so you can keep track of your performance. You can check your battery level, current speed, and the distance you’ve traveled, all while charging your phone as you ride.

Why Are Cargo E-Bikes Safer?

When searching for a bike to carry kids, there are plenty of benefits that put cargo bikes way ahead of trailers or child bike seats in terms of safety. 

 Bikes for carrying toddlers

Unless you turn too hard or get into a crash, cargo bikes are unlikely to tip over. This is thanks to their extra front wheel and low center of gravity. And because your passengers are right there, it’s easier for you to keep an eye on them. Plus, riding in an attached front compartment keeps them further away from traffic and ensures that they won’t accidentally disconnect from the bike while riding.

Riding Tips for Parents

You’ll want to be ready when you finally take your kids out for rides in the family cargo bike. So, as a bonus, we’re providing some extra tips to help you make sure they stay extra safe.

  1. Go on practice runs so you and your kids can get even more comfortable with the bike. We recommend a few rides around your block or even dropping them off at school in the morning.
  1. Since you’re riding on extra weight, always be careful when turning corners. Go slow and make your turns as wide as possible without obstructing traffic.
  1. Even with all our safety features, we still recommend that you avoid biking in certain types of weather like heavy rain or snow.

In Conclusion

Safety is Ferla’s number one priority when designing each of our cargo e-bikes. We put plenty of thought into each component, ensuring that they’re the best bikes for carrying toddlers on the market.