Use Cargo Bikes to Take Your Kids to School in A Greener Way

Parents say goodbye to oversize vehicles; the future is at your feet, literally. There's no need to maintain the extra cost of a car, or multiple family vehicles, to carry kids to school. Cargo bikes provide plenty of seat room for transporting multiple children safely, while backpacks and lunchboxes fit securely onto the rack or in the compartment. 

A three-wheeled cargo bicycle is a perfect bike to carry children to and from school while helping the planet and the family budget. There are so many reasons that taking kids to school on a cargo bike is better than other popular forms of transportation. 

Cargo bikes for kids

Let’s explore seven reasons that three-wheeled cargo bikes are the best way to carry your child to school:

Cargo Bikes are Environmentally Friendly

Everywhere we look, there are articles or news stories about the effects of climate change and how it will shape the future for this generation and those to come. One of the most significant contributors to greenhouse gasses is an excess of vehicles on roadways. Every gas-powered car removed from the roads helps create a better future for children to experience. Cargo bikes are a green alternative to traditional cars and a cost-effective way for your family to reduce their environmental impacts on the planet. 

Cargo Bikes Save Money & Cut Costs

The cost of gas may fluctuate daily, but it is never cheap. Filling up those tanks can drain family funds fast. Keep your budget balanced by trading in your gas-powered vehicles for a three-wheeled cargo bike. Families can also cut costs associated with staying in shape since there’s no need to budget for a monthly gym membership or purchase expensive exercise equipment for the home when biking each day. 

Kids Love Riding in Cargo Bikes

Using a family cargo bike for mom and child or dad and child makes going to school daily an adventure. Children love riding in the cargo bike's spacious seats that offer an unobstructed view of the world around them. Unlike cars, cargo bike seats let kids experience the world around them in new, exciting ways. High-quality bicycle add-ons make biking in any weather safe and comfortable, turning every day into a different journey. 

Long tail Cargo Bike

Spend More Quality Family Time Together

In today's world, we are all surrounded by bright screens that capture our attention span and make connecting more difficult. Cargo bikes are the best bikes for family bonding because you are all riding together. When parents use a bike to carry children to school, they can spend more time interacting as a family. The cargo bike seat location allows children and parents to converse with each other, making it the ideal bike for mom and kid or dad and kid. Family pets can also come along for the ride, which offers them mental stimulation while making the ride even more exciting for kids. 

Save Time by Skipping the School Drop Off Lane

Most parents have experienced getting trapped in a long line when dropping off or picking up a child from school at least once or twice. These lines are frustrating and time-consuming and jack up fuel costs with long idling wait times. Riding a cargo bike to school allows parents to skip the line while gaining quality time with their children. 

Make Every Bicycle Ride a Learning Experience

A child’s mind is like a sponge, soaking up every little piece of information in their surroundings, so make each trip to school something to look forward to. It's easy to let the hustle and bustle of life turn everyday tasks, like traveling to school, into monotony. Taking kids to school on a three-wheeled cargo bike is a fantastic opportunity to teach them about new things like nature, their city, or how to navigate. 

Parents Can Skip the Gym While Staying Healthy

Parents often have difficulty finding those extra hours to focus on their needs, like health and fitness. Using cargo bikes for parents' health needs is a great way to free up some spare time during the day to unwind and relax. It’s fun to ramp up the speed of their solo ride home to get the heart rate up and calories burning. 

Start Creating Bicycle Adventures That Kids Will Never Forget

With all the advantages available to families who use cargo bikes to take their children to school, there is no reason to maintain the transportation status quo. Kids grow up fast. Parents' experiences and conversations with their children throughout their formative years are precious. Using a cargo bike to take kids to school allows parents to make the most out of every moment of travel time. Families who bike together stay together, so start creating those happy core memories with yours today.