What Do Different Classes of Electric Bikes Mean?

There's nothing like the fun, excitement, and freedom e-bikes offer, which is why they are growing in popularity. The number of e-bikes sold in the US has doubled since 2017, with over 437,000 sold in 2020 alone. With so many people discovering the benefits of e-bike ownership, the need for classification and regulation has grown, a move intended to help keep civilians safe.

Different classes of electric bikes

Currently, e-bikes are separated into three classes, which determine where they are permitted to travel and their maximum speeds. Understanding this classification system is essential when deciding which e-bike to buy for your family, as it determines how you can use it. While this classification system is broadly accepted, you should always check the local ordinances and laws in your area to ensure compliance.

What Are The Different Classes Of Electric Bikes?

As mentioned above, there are three electric bike classes, Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3. Each of the three classes of ebikes has its own parameters and requirements, and it's important to understand the details of each to make an informed decision when purchasing your e-bike.

Class 1

A Class 1 ebike is pedelec, a name describing a model with an electric motor assist that's available only while pedaling. All Class 1 ebikes have a maximum speed limit of twenty mph and may include a throttle, which is attached to the handlebar, providing extra power while pedaling. Riders can use their Class 1 e-bikes on bike lanes, bike paths, and almost all areas permitting traditional bicycles are permitted.

Class 2

Class 2 e-bikes contain many similarities to their Class 1 counterparts, including a twenty-mph speed limitation. The main difference between the two regards the throttle, which doesn't require the rider pedals to receive electric assistance. While pedaling the bike isn't required, the electric throttle will work if you want to use both simultaneously. As with Class 1 e-bikes, Class 2 models are able to travel wherever traditional manual bikes are permitted, but it's important to note the possibility of increased restrictions in some states in the future. Additionally, Class2 e-bikes aren't the best option for mountain biking trails, as the motor assistance may damage the terrain.

Ferl's cargo bikes belong to class 2

Class 3

Class 3 e-bikes are by far the fastest, with a maximum permitted speed of twenty-eight mph. Due to their high-speed capabilities, these models require a speedometer and can include an optional throttle, depending on local and state regulations. It's important to note that certain states, including California, don't allow the inclusion of throttles on Class 3 ebikes, while others have implemented speed restrictions of twenty mph for throttle usage. Virtually every state will allow riders to take Class 3 e-bikes on a bicycle or road lanes, but they're not permitted on off-road trails or bicycle paths that are shared with pedestrians. When comparing the capabilities and restrictions of Class 2 vs Class 3 ebike, many choose to go with the former since they have fewer limitations and still offer sufficient speed and pedal assistance.

What Class Are Ferla Bikes In?

All Ferla bikes are rated as Class 2, which is by far the most commonly chosen ebike class. All of Ferla's cargo bikes include a handlebar throttle that works both while peddling and not, a welcomed addition for families. Each model features a powerful motor and a long-lasting lithium-ion battery traveling between twenty-five to sixty miles per charge, depending on the model. Additionally, every Ferla cargo bike can legally travel on all traditional bicycle lanes and off-road trails if the mood strikes. It's no wonder why so many families choose Ferla as their e-bike brand of choice!

Electric bike classes


There are three different classes of electric bikes, Class 1, 2, and 3. Class 1 and 2 have minimal differences, with only the throttle capabilities separating their features. Class 3 is the fastest and includes the most restrictions for speed and location accessibility. Ferla cargo bikes are all proudly Class 2 certified, making them the perfect option for families and businesses. With full throttle assist, a sturdy carrier box, a long-lasting battery, and a powerful motor, you can enjoy riding for hours. Whether you're running errands, exploring, or creating memories with your family, Ferla cargo bikes deliver!