Which is the Safer Option: Front or Rear Child Seat for Cargo Bike?

At Ferla, we believe in providing families with environmentally-friendly transportation options that effortlessly combine practicality, efficiency, and style. That's why more parents choose Ferla electric cargo bikes over traditional two-wheeled bicycles.

Ferla bicycles are more practical than ordinary bikes, making transporting children a breeze. We offer two-wheeled options featuring convenient, safety-tested child seat base attachments, as well as cargo trikes featuring roomy passenger buckets with ample space for multiple kids and their gear. Whether you're searching for a bicycle with a front or rear child seat mount, Ferla has a model to fit your family's needs.

Сhild cargo bike seat front or rear

Front Mounted Child Bike Seat Vs. Rear Mounted Bicycles

When transporting children, parents often turn to two styles of front or rear-mount electric cargo bikes, with each offering unique advantages for parents.

Rear Child Seats

The Ferla LAGOM Electric Cargo Bike features a sleek, longtail design, perfect for mounting up to two rear mount child seats. These are a popular choice for parents who prefer a more streamlined bicycle that doesn't limit their visibility.

 Front mounted child cargo bike seat vs. rear mounted


  • A reclinable option ensures a comfortable ride for little ones.
  • More stability and support.
  • Your body acts as a wind blocker for your kids, making the ride more enjoyable. 
  • The rear weight stabilizes the bicycle and makes maneuvering easier. 


  • Your child is out of eyesight.
  • Your child's front view is partially blocked. 

Baby bike seat front or back positioning is mainly determined by parent preference. The Ferla LAGOM Longtail Bike allows for convertible car seats that grow along with your child, featuring a two-point harness system for unparalleled protection and peace of mind. We take safety seriously, which is why we proudly offer many accessories with child security in mind. Crafted for kids as young as nine months, each child seat includes all mounting equipment, child foot safety locks, and a seamless lightweight design. For added security, we suggest installing our handheld roll cage made from ultra-strong aluminum and designed to surround the child seat, offering another layer of protection for your precious cargo.

Front Child Seats

Ferla cargo trikes are chosen by parents thanks to their spacious front bucket seating. When determining which model fits your family’s needs, a child bike seat front or rear placement often comes down to storage capacity. 

Is a front or rear child cargo bike seat safer?


  • Flexible seating options for multiple kids.
  • Ample storage area to fit all your family's gear.
  • Watching and talking to your kids is easier.
  • A larger design makes longer trips more comfortable.


  • It may take longer to get used to driving.
  • Requires a larger storage space compared to longtail models.

When using electric cargo bikes with a front-mounting child seat, it's imperative to follow all safety precautions to ensure your child's security. Every Ferla cargo bike featuring a front bucket is equipped with three-point harness seat belts, which should be secured before travel. Just like in a car, these belts work to keep your child fastened during movement while protecting them in case of an accident. For passengers as young as seven months, you can easily install our Comfort Toddler Seat and Seat Inserts to keep them securely and comfortably in place. Additionally, we incorporate a roll cage, a feature that is instrumental in safeguarding passengers. 

Parents appreciate the front bucket that’s attached to our electric cargo bikes thanks to its versatility and ample storage capabilities. Many prefer their kids to be ahead of them and within reach, making conversations easier and travel more enjoyable.

For parents with multiple children or if they're older, the Ferla cargo trikes’ front-mounted seats are often a perfect match.

Child Safety

When asking, "Is a front or rear child bike seat safer?"  the measures you enact may directly impact your child's safety. Simple safety precautions go a long way to safeguarding your kids and should be taken even during the shortest trips. Some of the top safety measures include:

Always put on a helmet

There's no doubt that helmets save lives, which is why your kids should never ride without one. Their helmet must fit snugly without falling backward on your child's head and preferably include an internal adjustment system to ensure it fits perfectly.

Child cargo bike seat front or back

Always buckle up

When driving in a car, buckling your children up is a no-brainer; electric cargo bikes are no different. Securely fastening your kids into their seats with a certified harnessing system will help keep them safe on your travels 

Stay seated

Remaining seated during transport helps your kids stay safe and makes maneuvering your bike easier. Whether they are at the front or rear, children should never stand when the bicycle is in motion. 


Choosing between a front-mounted child bike seat vs. rear mounted boils down to personal preference. Both offer many advantages and features both you and your kids can enjoy. Ferla has many premium electric cargo bikes crafted with families in mind, ensuring your perfect fit is only a click away!