Why Are Cargo Bikes the Best Choice for Mom and Baby?

Time goes by quickly, especially when raising a child. It’s not uncommon for parents to feel like one day they are cradling a baby, and within a blink of an eye, their kid is all grown up. Spending quality time bonding with young children is priceless. That’s one reason moms will cherish a bike for mom and child like a cargo bicycle. Traveling together by cargo bike makes each ride a memorable adventure to treasure throughout the years. Let’s explore different types of bikes for moms and how to find the right one for you.

Best bike for mom and baby

How To Choose the Best Mom Bike

All cargo bicycles are not created equal, so it is essential to research suitable features for various needs, preferences, and body types. Selecting the correct frame size, saddle size, handlebar width, and weight is vital for avoiding painful injuries. Consulting a bike size chart can help determine the correct frame size and height for specific body types. Seat or saddle size and height can affect lower body health, so optimized seats for female riders are crucial. A woman with smaller shoulders will need smaller handlebars with a shorter reach, so avoid purchasing a unisex bike or bicycle made for a man. A battery-assisted bicycle is one of the best bikes for moms going long distances with their passengers or those traveling in areas with lots of uphill terrains.

Why Choose a Cargo Bike? 

Traditionally, riding bicycles with children was complicated. Regular bicycles are for single riders. Parents can purchase bulky attachments to carry passengers, but they are less safe and more challenging to navigate than a high-quality cargo bike. Cargo bikes are the best bikes for moms to carry multiple passengers and cargo safely to any destination. Taking kids everywhere, like going to school or running daily errands, is easy and fun. Kids love traveling by cargo bike, and there’s a large community of riders to discover new family friends. 

Ferla Bikes: The Best Bikes for Moms

Cargo bicycles made by the Ferla team are created with dependable, high-quality parts and come in various sizes and weights. Our ever-expanding line of cargo bicycles and accessories makes Ferla bikes the perfect choice for moms and their families. 

Ferla LAGOM Electric Cargo Bike

Ferla LAGOM is a perfect bike for mom and child. Its versatile cargo area can carry up to three passengers or up to 450 lbs. With the strong motor and optional dual-battery technology, riders can travel up to 140 miles per charge. LAGOM makes a great women's bike with a toddler seat because it’s a low-maintenance, easy-to-transport, and easy-to-store bike for a mom and toddler. 

Ferla Inspire Cargo Bike

The Inspire is the most affordable cargo bicycle for mom in the Ferla line. It is available in electric or non-electric and can carry up to 250 lbs. The entire family can enjoy adventures with its lightweight, long-tail aluminum frame and high load capacity.

Ferla Royce Electric Cargo Bike

Every family is different, and Feral Royce is about inclusivity and accessibility for all. Royce is a premium electric cargo bike that offers a 350 lb. load capacity and up to 45 miles per charge. It features a high-capacity battery, low-step design, and easy-to-steer frame, making it the ideal mom bike to enjoy with children, seniors, and differently-abled family members.

Ferla Royce Mid-Drive Electric Cargo Bike

The Ferla Royce Mid-Drive is inclusive and accessible, just like the original Royce, with higher capacity and an extra power boost. Go farther with the entire family by taking advantage of the Royce Mid-Drive 140 miles per charge range and 450 lb. load capacity.

Commonly Asked Questions About Cargo Bikes for Moms

Why is a cargo bike suitable for moms?

Cargo bikes are perfect for moms because they offer space to transport kids, pets, or other precious cargo. Sharing adventures on mother’s bikes is more stimulating than traditional modes of travel for children and provides deeper communication and learning opportunities with every mile.


Do I need to buy a child’s seat for my cargo bicycle?

Some cargo bicycle models, like the Feral LAGOM, will integrate with external child's seats. In contrast, others like Ferla Royce offer front bucket seating with three-point safety harness seatbelts already built in.


Should a mother and child wear helmets while riding?

We recommend that everyone wears a helmet for every ride. No matter what size or type of bicycle, helmets are always necessary for a safe trip. For the best protection, choose a lightweight helmet with good ventilation.

Women's bike with toddler seat

Make The Transition to Cargo Bike Life

Cargo bicycles continue to grow in popularity worldwide, and with good reason. A cargo bicycle is the best bike for mom and toddler to build closer emotional bonds while fostering healthy habits that not only save money but also help to heal the planet. Trade in those stressful hours stuck in traffic or rushing from place to place on autopilot for meaningful adventures that build core memories by purchasing a cargo bike for your family today.