Why Cargo Bike are the Best Dad Bike?

At first glance, a motorbike may seem like the best dad bike to get for your 50th birthday. However, it surely isn’t the most practical choice for riding with your family!

Cargo bikes are one of the best bikes for dads to spend time with their kids. With tons of family-friendly models and features on the market today, dads everywhere are switching their dirt bikes out for a more practical option for their kids.

4 Reasons Why Cargo Bikes Are the Best Bikes for Dad

  • Turn Your Family Walks into Family Rides

During the past two years, we’ve all learned the importance of going for walks outside regularly. Yet, we all know those moments when we’re just not feeling up for a walk! 

Cargo bikes and e-bikes are a wonderful incentive to get the whole family outside, even when walking feels like a drag. The e-bike option helps you get your active outdoor time, even when your energy isn’t quite there.

Bikes for dads

  • Ride to Work

With all the time we spend indoors—inside our homes, inside our cars, and inside our workplaces—commuting actively is starting to become more of a trend among dads.

Luckily, the luxury of a cargo bike doesn’t require you to sacrifice comfort or style. Most cargo bicycles these days also have a battery life that supports anywhere from 20-60 miles, great for those busy mornings!

  • Run Your Errands

There’s no doubt that riding around town on a cargo bike makes your errands feel less like errands. That means that going to the gym, dropping off your kids from soccer practice, or picking up dry cleaning can be a fun activity.

  • Weekend Fun

Running out of fun ideas to keep your kids busy during the weekend? Cargo bike trips are a great bike for dads to spend quality time with the kids while keeping them active and engaged.

Many cargo bike models are designed to withstand off-road adventures, such as light trails. Get ready to win father of the year!

Why Cargo Bikes Over Other Family Bikes?

While cargo bikes are just one of the many options of family bikes on the market, they have a few important features that make them the best bikes for dads:

  • 3-Wheel Design

The unique front-loading design provides stability that makes riding easy, even for dads who are new to the cargo bike experience. No need to balance or look over your shoulder to check on your little ones.

  • Pedal Assist (E-bike Option)

E-bike cargo models come with a pedal-assist feature that takes a load off dad, helping with long-distance adventures. This gives you more performance than traditional family bicycle models (even when your super dad battery is running low!).

  • Safety/Security

Safety is a huge plus for cargo bikes. Dads can rest assured that their kids are strapped in and secure in the front-loading cargo attachment while keeping an eye on them the whole time. 

  • Comfort

Of all the family bike options, cargo bikes take the gold for comfort. The sturdy frame and front-loading 3-wheel design make riding the most comfortable bike for dad, and the little ones too.

Dad bike

How to Choose a Cargo Bike for Dad and Baby

With so many different models on the market today, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Most of the time, this depends on some key features and what kind of dad activities you get up to.

What’s the primary use?

Perhaps the most important question to ask yourself is: what am I going to be using this bike for? If you’re a full-time dad who plans on mostly commuting and going for the occasional ride around the neighborhood, you can get away with a standard model. However, if you’re an adventurous dad who likes to go on a day-long outdoor excursion, consider a premium model with off-road capabilities.

How long will your average trip be?

This is important to consider because battery life can vary substantially from model to model. Ensure that your battery life can support at least a full day of riding!


Always make sure to check the safety measurements inside the cargo compartment to ensure that it includes high-performance seatbelts. Knowing your kids are securely fastened gives you the peace of mind to enjoy your rides around town!

Cargo Capacity

Size matters. Cargo bike compartments can fit anywhere from 2-4 kids, so if you’re planning on growing your family, or bringing along extra equipment for outdoor activities, it might be worth upgrading a size from the get-go.

The Ferla Royce Mid-Drive: The Best Dad Bike on the Market

The Ferla Royce Mid-Drive has a bunch of features that make it one of the best bikes for dads today. This e-bike cargo model comes with a premium ultra-light aluminum frame and sturdy wheels, equipping it for anything from morning commutes to off-road weekend adventures. 

A 350W electric motor with a torque of 80Nm gives you the flexibility and power to climb steep hills without the noisy rumble of a motor. You can even ride up to 60 miles on a single charge!

Ferla Royce Mid-Drive

With a cargo capacity of 400 lbs, this bike can comfortably ride up to 4 kids or 2 adults in the front compartment. Premium ergonomic seats and a 3-point harness system ensure that your kids stay safe and comfortable throughout the whole ride. Meanwhile, front and rear LED lights to ensure night-time safety. A built-in USB charger even allows you to charge your phone while riding. 

We’ve gotta hand it to the Ferla Mid-Drive Royce. It’s hands-down the best dad bike around. For more information on the Mid-Drive Royce’s impressive specs, click here.

FAQs on Cargo Bikes for Dads

What is a good cargo bike for dad?

The Ferla Mid-Drive Royce is one of the best cargo bikes for dads because of its multiple safety and performance features. With one of the most impressive motor capabilities on the market, it’s easily the best bike for dads today!


What are the benefits of cargo bikes for dads?

Cargo bikes help dads stay active with their kids, provide them with an active form of transportation, and a fun new way to take their family on weekend adventures.


Will I be able to do all my daily activities on a cargo bike?

Absolutely! Cargo bikes are a greener alternative to taking the car, helping you save on gas while also getting fresh air. However, you must choose the right model that makes sense with your lifestyle and the types of activities you plan on using it for.