Why the Ferla Family Cargo Bike is Perfect for Dog Lovers

We totally get it, our furry pals are another member of the family, and they should be included when embarking on memorable adventures. Have there ever been times when you couldn’t bring your pooch along because of unwarranted limitations? At Ferla, we made it possible for everyone to participate in the family fun, and that includes your four legged friends. Read on to find our why the Ferla Cargo Bike is loved by families and dog lovers alike!


As our beloved companions grow older, it can be increasingly difficult for them to enjoy rigorous walks or extended outdoor playing time. However, this shouldn’t limit you from bringing them along on your family outing. It’s no question that dogs at any age love being outside and feeling the wind in their faces, but once they get older, their mobility becomes limited. Our cargo bikes allow senior dogs to participate in outdoor activities without putting extra strain on their bodies. While enjoying afternoon bike rides around the neighborhood or morning errands on the weekend, your pooch is able to ride comfortably in the cargo front bucket. Equipped with a premium non-slip floor mat, you can pedal peacefully knowing that your companion is enjoying a safe ride. Plus, each cargo bike has convenient side door access which makes transporting senior dogs in and out of the cargo bike even easier than before. 


We understand outdoor stimulation compiled with new sights, faces, and smells can make it difficult for your pooch to stay put. That’s why the Ferla Cargo Bike was built with high walls to keep your excited pal from jumping out of the front facing bucket. Curious about the specs? The front bucket features the following dimensions — 88.5” x 33.4” x 43.3” — and is great for smaller dogs. Gain some peace of mind knowing that your pooch is safe within the enclosed space, giving you the chance to enjoy the ride. You as the cyclist have the best view of your surroundings, full control of the route, and can easily avoid certain situations that typically overstimulate your pal. Outdoor activities with your excited companion has never been easier!


Imagine it, you decide to take your furry pal to the park the morning before work, and luckily for you, it had just rained the night before. If you’re an experienced dog owner, you know there’s nothing worse than trekking all that dirt, mud, and gravel into your car. Our pooches are notorious for messy behavior, and a thorough cleanup process can oftentimes take hours out of your day. The Ferla Cargo Bike lets you leave the mess behind and out of your car. Equipped with our water and dust-proof floor mat, everyday messes can be hosed down in a pinch. Save yourself the extra cleaning time and take your pooch to the park in your cargo bike for a cleaner alternative.  


Did you know that the Ferla Cargo Bike can hold up to 350 lbs? When transporting multiple items, family members, and even pups, the combined weight can add up quickly. With our cargo bikes extensive weight capacity, you no longer need to sacrifice what can and can’t be carried during your outdoor adventures. Multiple furry pals can accompany you in your cargo bike or even one that is typically too heavy to carry on your own. Ferla makes it possible for everyone to enjoy a fun family bike ride!


Yes, our cargo bikes were built to be strong, but pedaling through your neighborhood with upwards of 350 lbs can be a challenge for anyone. Luckily, we have an Electric Pedal-Assist Package that can be purchased with your family cargo bike. Take a look at what’s included:
  • Full-Colored LED Display With USB Charging Port
  • Built-In Throttle Package For 100% Electric Ride
  • Fast Charging Time (Four Hours For Full Charge)
  • 20 MPH Maximum Speed
  • Up To 45 Miles Of Travel Distance Per Charge
  • 350W High-Torque Hub Motor
No need to huff and puff to your next destination! Now, transporting your furry pal from point A to point B has never been easier.


For a close up of our bikes and all their amazing features side by side, check out our comparison chart today when considering your next cargo bike purchase. Happy cycling!