Why the Ferla Family Cargo Bike is the Best Special Needs Tricycle

Rooted in inclusivity and accessibility for all, our Ferla Family Cargo Bike was intuitively designed with special needs children in mind. Proven to be a fun addition to any family outing, Ferla’s top priority is to equip our Cargo Bikes with top of the line safety measures to keep your most precious cargo safe. Read on to learn about why our Cargo Bike is the best choice for your special needs child. 


All children can benefit from outdoor activity and interacting with others, and our Cargo Bikes are a perfect way for your special needs child to build their social skills in a safe environment. During your next family outing, work with your child to recognize the emotions they are experiencing.

For example, If your child is smiling and having a great time in the Cargo Bike, a common response might be, “You’re smiling—you must be happy!” In parallel, your child has the opportunity to identify emotions in other children and adults during your family outings, which reinforces social interaction. The Ferla Cargo Bike offers safety, comfortability, and peace of mind so you can focus on your special needs child and their emotional development.


Exceptional Visibility

With a beautifully curved design made from bamboo composite, our sleek cargo bucket is stationed in front of the cyclist for constant supervision of children, pets, or delivery goods. This eliminates any unwarranted distractions or worry that would cause the cyclist to turn around mid-ride. This efficient design allows parents of special needs children to have a safe and calm experience knowing that their loved ones are taken care of.

Adjustable three-point seatbelts

Sometimes, lap belts just aren’t enough to keep your children from moving about. That’s why we equipped our Ferla Cargo Bike with three-point seat belts to keep your little ones safe at all times. With an intuitive “Y” shape design, our seatbelts were made to keep your child upright, snug in place, with their head and back supported.

Easy side door access

You spoke, and we listened. Our Cargo Bike now includes a convenient side door access for those who are handicapped and differently abled. This feature makes it easier for special needs children to step in and out of the cargo bike with ease or with the assistance of a parent.

Hefty Weight Capacity

Needles to say, our Ferla Cargo Bikes are incredibly strong and built to carry your whole family. In fact, they can withstand a weight capacity of up to 350 Ibs which makes hauling your loved ones and extra cargo a breeze. Whether you have four children, two adults, or a few furry pals with you, the Cargo Bike can handle it all!


Our mission remains the same: provide a premium line of cargo bikes that can accommodate any child or adult. If you’ve been searching for a way to provide a safe outdoor experience for your special needs child, Ferla Cargo Bikes has the solution! Visit the rest of our website to learn more about the Ferla Cargo Bike today and become part of the Ferla Fam!