LAGOM Pre-order Terms & Conditions

LAGOM Pre-order Purchase Terms and Conditions

Ferla Bikes

Last updated: December 14, 2022
  1. These terms and conditions apply to the LAGOM Pre-order and come into effect when you finalize the purchasing process for the Pre-order. You are bound by the Pre-order, but you can still withdraw from it under the conditions described below.
  2. The Pre-order gives you the right to purchase the Ferla LAGOM (without accessories or registration fees) for the then special non-refundable pre-order deposit price of $250.
  3. Ferla will issue an invoice for the remaining balance and shipping charge to you when the Ferla LAGOM is in stock.
  4. You acknowledge that the estimated time of shipping, delivery or a combination of both, of the Ferla LAGOM is dependent on various factors, some of which are outside the influence of Ferla, and you accept that therefore estimated time of shipping, delivery, or a combination of both may be extended.   
  5. After the purchase of the Pre-order you will receive information on the shipping ETA for the Ferla LAGOM. The shipping ETA can also be found directly on the Ferla LAGOM product page at the time of purchase.
  6. The $250 Pre-order deposit offer is only valid for Ferla LAGOM, not for other models, products or services of Ferla.
  7. The $250 Pre-order is applied to each bike quantity. That is, if you purchase two Ferla LAGOMs, you will be charged a deposit of $500.
  8. The Pre-order is strictly personal, linked to your personal account and email address, and cannot be transferred to, or used by, others.
  9. You are eligible to cancel the Pre-order at any time, but the $250 Pre-order deposit is not refundable.
  10. Ferla is eligible to cancel the Pre-order under one or both of the following circumstances: 
    1. Import and or export restrictions;
    2. Material barriers to market entry;
    3. Fraudulent activity;
  11. After a cancellation by Ferla, under one of the two conditions in this agreement, or by you, Ferla renders your Pre-order invalid.
  12. Please note that images shown in Ferla promotional activities are artistic expressions of the Ferla LAGOM and are not an exact reflection of the product specifications.