5 Benefits of Switching to a Cargo Bike in 2022

Why are families everywhere craving greener travel alternatives?

In the 90s and early 2000s, the dream was to own a family SUV or minivan to drive around in on the weekends. However, in 2022, the trend is leaning towards greener travel alternatives, such as cargo bikes, that encourage more active time spent outdoors. While this may be due to the growing concern for the environment and the awareness of pollution, many people are simply tired of sitting indoors all day, especially following the recent pandemic. A cargo bike experience offers just that.

The recent years of working from home, lockdowns, and remote schooling has left parents and children yearning for mobility and any reason to get outside. In fact, global market reports indicate that the COVID-19 pandemic caused such a surge in cargo bikes, that the cargo bike market is expected to grow to $927 million by 2026. There’s no denying that the cargo bike experience is contagious—parents everywhere are starting to see the benefit of switching to a more cost-effective and electric form of travel. So, what exactly are the benefits of cargo bikes that we should be watching out for?

Cargo Bike Experiences

5 Benefits of Cargo Bikes in 2022

  • Cut Your Gas Bill – With the ongoing surge in gas prices, this is easily one of the biggest reasons why many people are switching to cargo bikes. They offer parents a cost-effective option for running errands and getting their family around. With the increasing pressure of the global climate crisis, many people are interested in going electric, but can’t afford the investment.

One of the benefits of investing in a cargo bike is that you get to go electric, at only a fraction of the cost of a Tesla. Now, every time your kids ask you for a trip to the ice cream shop on the other side of town, you don’t have to stress about the cost of gasoline—just take the cargo bike!

  • Encouraging Physical Activity – After what feels like a very long period of hibernation and sitting on the couch indoors, cargo bikes are the perfect way for families to get their daily or weekly dose of physical activity. After all, it can be difficult to keep up with your gym routine while juggling a full-time job and children.

A cargo bike allows you get your exercise in while you get around. That way, picking your kids up from summer camp is also a cardio session! Another benefit of cargo bikes is that it shows your children that physical activity and exercise can be fun and enjoyable.

Family bikes

  • Provide Active Learning Experiences for Your Kids – Not every kid is interested in reading books or learning from flashcards. For many children, engaging in active learning experiences, such as outdoor learning, is a much more effective method of learning and absorbing information than conventional classroom techniques.

The cargo bike experience is a great way to complement some of the remote learning experiences that were mandatory for the past two years. Getting outside and showing them real-life examples of what they learn in class or on paper can be a great way to integrate this knowledge. In addition, your kids are more likely to interact with people on the street, which is a great way to counteract the antisocial lifestyle of the past two years. 

  • Start a Side Hustle – Another reason why parents have been jumping towards the cargo bike trend is that it also offers you most of the equipment required to start a delivery business. When you are not using the cargo attachment for your kids, they provide an ideal capacity for delivering anything from flowers to Amazon packages.

This means that when you drop your kids off at school, you can make some extra cash, all while setting your own hours.

  • E-Bike Options Make Riding Easy – Even the most athletic parents eventually get tired of riding two to three toddlers around all day. Luckily, most models, such as the Ferla, include an e-bike option that gives you the option to activate the electric motor whenever you need some help climbing that hill back home.

The pedal assist function gives you that extra little boost of mobility from the motor to get you through those long-distance trips. Depending on the model, Ferla models offer anywhere from 25-60 miles of electric motor range on a fully charged battery.

Our Recommended Cargo Bike for Families

For families who are interested in a cargo bike experience, we recommend the Ferla Royce Mid-Drive, our premium model that offers a whopping 60-mile range per charge and 350W motor for a full day of activities. This bike comes with a smooth, curved cargo box design made from premium bamboo composite, including ergonomic seats for 4 kids or 2 adults and a 3-point harness seat belt system.

Ferla Royce Mid-Drive

A premium ultra-light aluminum frame makes riding easy—you’d be surprised that a cargo bike can feel this light. Both wheels include puncture-resistant tires and Tektro hydraulic brakes with parking brake/locks for safe loading and unloading. With a load capacity of 400 lbs, the Royce Mid-Drive is ready to be your weekend family vehicle or your new side business—it’s up to you!

Ready to Start Your Cargo Bike Experience?

From avoiding soaring gas prices to getting your children engaged in outdoor learning experiences while getting your cardio session in, the benefits of cargo bikes are endless. If you are ready to join the thousands of families across the world who are switching to this greener form of travel, explore Ferla’s different models. Each model is even offered with a payment plan upon approval. It’s time to step away from the Netflix subscription and start your family’s best life today!