Are gasoline prices going up? You need a cargo bike!

Between supply chain issues, inflation, and the current war in Ukraine, gasoline prices are now up to an average of $4.176 per gallon in the United States, according to AAA. This severely impacts low-income families, who will now have to reconfigure their monthly budgets, change work schedules, or find new methods of transportation. It’s also cutting into many businesses' delivery expenses and forcing them to downgrade their services.

While public buses, trains, and hybrid or electric vehicles are great alternatives, an electric bike with cargo functions might be exactly what you need. In fact, the North American e-bike market is estimated to increase as much as 10.13 percent by 2028, and for good reason. They need very little maintenance, let you follow your own schedule, and run on electric motors that you can charge at home.

Keep reading to see what you could get when you decide to switch out your car for a brand new cargo e-bike. 

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The Price of Gas vs. the Price of a Cargo Bike

According to Kelly Blue Book, most vehicle owners spend an average of $164 at the gas pump. And with fuel prices rising, they can now expect that amount to increase anywhere from $56 to $83. Even worse, most families can expect to pay $2,000 in gasoline this year.

Ferla’s cargo bikes range between $3,000 and $6,500, the same price as a used car, and have a monthly payout between $105 and $227. While this seems like a lot of money, it’s still significantly less than what you’d be spending to fuel up your car. Afterwards, with part replacements normally between $100 and $150, owning a cargo e-bike can save you anywhere from $1500 to $2,000 per year. 

Advantages of a Cargo Bike

Obviously, we all should do what we can to reduce your monthly gas and travel expenses. However, there are also plenty of other reasons for why you should consider buying a cargo bike. 

  1. Safety

A Ferla cargo bike’s extra front wheel and pedal assist keep you and your passengers safe and stable as you travel. Furthermore, its large front box keeps your passengers away from traffic and is built with a rolling cage in case of accidents. 

  1. Environmental Friendliness

Since bikes produce no carbon emissions and don't need any fossil fuels, choosing them over a car is one of the best things you can do for the environment. In addition, they need no harmful chemicals and fluids to keep them functioning and reduce the need for car production and disposal.

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  1. Less Road Congestion

Cargo bikes are also significantly smaller than a vehicle, which means that there’s less road congestion. In turn, that means less use of concrete and more of an opportunity for natural plant life to grow.

  1. Improved Health

Another obvious benefit of owning a cargo bike is that you’re also getting in a good workout every day. Regular bike rides can give you improved heart and bone health, better posture, and increased muscle strength. And over time your bike rides, as well as other physical activities will get a lot easier.

  1. Easier to Use

Speaking of ease, we all know learning to ride a bike is already safer and less challenging than learning to drive. It's easier to maneuver and doesn’t require as many steps to get started. Instead of inserting a key and checking fuel and ignition, all you have to do is mount the bike and start pedaling.

  1. Less Maintenance

All-in-all, cargo e-bikes also require less maintenance than a standard vehicle. Aside from replacing the tires and occasionally fixing parts, the most you’ll have to do is charge the battery for a couple of hours.

  1. Positive Emotions

Along with the increase in exercise, you’ll also notice a real boost to your overall mental health and well-being. You’ll feel more in control, and even proud of the fact that you’re making good choices for the environment. And because your children and pets are also happy, thanks to the extra bonding time, it’s one of the best bikes for families out there.

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What Does the Average Cargo Bike Owner Think?

To further showcase the impact that a cargo e-bike can have on its owner, we contacted one of our happiest customers (Molli King Allen, to ask her a few questions. Needless to say, her life has definitely been changed for the better.  

What makes people want to purchase an e-bike?

Molli: There are a lot of different events playing out at once, from climate change to skyrocketing gas prices. Not to mention that constant car maintenance is just becoming too expensive now, and there are many cases when you won’t even need your car. With all that in mind, buying a cargo bike was definitely the smartest option.

Do we still need vehicles for any reason?

Molli: Once you purchase a cargo bike, you start to realize just how many situations don’t require driving. For example, it’s great for running errands and going on day trips and can even be used as a delivery tricycle. There may be some situations when you’ll have to rely on cars, such as long-distance traveling, but a cargo bike is usually all you’ll need.

What are the upsides and downsides to owning an e-bike?

Molli: The freedom of movement, low maintenance, and are some of the biggest pluses of owning a cargo e-bike. Not to mention that seeing how happy it makes the kids are during every ride in the family bicycle makes it all worth it.

On the other hand, too many neighborhoods in the United States and Canada aren’t bike friendly. Sometimes it can feel like you have to dodge traffic just to go buy groceries or pick up your kids.

What could the United States do to make more people purchase e-bikes?

Molli: We would like to see cargo e-bikes become more accessible to everyone, especially in places where they’re so reliant on vehicles. And with new plans for our infrastructure being realized, we’re hoping to see our roads and cities become more bike-friendly.

Consider a Ferla Cargo Bike

With gasoline prices rising, and no sign that they’ll decrease, there’s never been a better time than now to buy a Ferla cargo e-bike. Not only will you save money on fuel and maintenance over time, but you’ll also notice a big improvement in everything from your commute to your overall health and well-being. And if we all use one in place of a car every day, who knows what kind of amazing environmental impacts it will have. Furthermore, our customer support team will help you every step of the way from selection all the way to delivery.

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