Two-Wheel Cargo Bikes, Or Three-Wheel Cargo Bikes?

Every family shopping for a cargo bike has to decide whether they want a two-wheel, or three-wheel cargo bike. In this piece, we’ll look at a number of observations and facts to build a comprehensive breakdown of how these differing options benefit those who purchase it. To begin with, we’ll look at some of the noteworthy differences between a cargo bike with two or three wheels.

The “2-Wheel Vs 3-Wheel” Cargo Bike Debate

Those who favor two-wheel models tend to be seeking more solitary expeditions. While the cargo compartment on a bicycle can be built to carry a decent amount of weight, and even a single small child — it’s difficult to balance much more while cycling safely. The lighter weight of a two-wheel cargo bike might also help it reach higher speeds, which is desirable for a lot of riders. Whether riding a two-wheel or three-wheel cargo bike, however, fast travels are attainable.


Adding an electric motor attachment to a cargo trike can easily help it reach similar high speeds as those achieved on cargo bicycles, but with the benefits of a wider center of gravity. For families looking to load up to four children, or 350 lbs of cargo onto their ride, the safer and more suitable option is a three-wheel Ferla Family Cargo Bike, also known as a cargo trike.

Its sizable capacity, high-quality parts, and safety features make it an obvious choice for families. To help paint this picture, we’re going to look at some of the disadvantages families face when riding two-wheel cargo bikes, and then some of the benefits of our trike designs.

The Disadvantages For Families Riding Two-Wheel Cargo Bikes

As we touched on in the last segment, two-wheel cargo bikes typically have smaller load capacities than three-wheel builds. This brings up a number of issues for parents and children. For those who have siblings, you can only imagine the fights that will erupt when there’s only space for one at a time on the family cargo bike. This is stark contrast to the spacious cargo boxes featured on Ferla’s trikes. 
Another major disadvantage to relying on a cargo bike with two wheels for your transportation needs, is that they’re more dangerous. It’s far, far easier to fall over on a two-wheel vehicle, and for those who are taking their kids to and from school — added danger can often be a major deal breaker. To those who prefer a bit more security, a wide-set tricycle style cargo bike is a lot more comforting. 

An Introduction To The Cargo Trike

The Ferla Family Cargo Bike is actually a cargo trike, and it’s designed to provide a premium experience for both its cyclists and passengers. Built with a front-facing, ultra-strong curved wood cargo box, mixed with eco-friendly bamboo, this enviable replacement to the family car oozes quality from top to bottom. If the upscale aesthetic worries parents of messy children, you can find solace in our scratch-resistant premium matte finish, which is easy to clean and remove fingerprints from.

The Cargo Trike

Outfitted with a stable, three-wheel design — the non-electric and electric cargo bike options at Ferla provide families with speedy, safe cycling. Outfitted with active frame designs, hydraulic parking brakes, and puncture-resistant tires, the capabilities and strengths of these freight bikes far outweigh those of the two-wheel cargo bike products out there.

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Advantages To Having Three Wheels

We’ve discussed some distinct advantages to choosing the latter in deciding between two or three wheels cargo bikes. Examples covered in this post include better balance, higher safety, and more dependable maneuverability in a range of environments. The product of these benefits result in more inclusive, larger family outings, better capabilities in terms of carrying cargo, and an overall better experience as a cargo-bike owner. 

Advantages To Having Three Wheels

The Benefits Of Investing In An Electric Tricycle

For those who are sold on treating themselves to the many pros of riding a Ferla Family Cargo Bike, we’d like to take a minute to discuss the electrified versions. Every model of Ferla is available as an electric tricycle, which comes equipped with an Original Samsung 15AH Battery powering a 350w high torque rear-hub motor and premier pedal-assist technology.

Give yourself and your little ones the potential to take longer trips at higher speeds with zero gas. Give the environment a break and your family an adventure, while also giving yourself the built-in power of motorized relief when cycling to and from work, school, and other daily errands by investing in a Ferla Electric Tricycle today.

Choosing Your Ferla Family Cargo Trike

We offer two distinct models of Ferla Family Cargo Trikes. The original is The Ferla Family Cargo Bike, which features a number of distinct components including battery-powered LED lights, lightweight design, three-point harness seat belts, a lockable storage space, and more. Whether powered solely by human energy, or featuring an electric battery boost, this is an accountable and beloved product for families seeking a cargo bike. The other model is the Ferla Family Cargo Bike - Royce Edition, which includes all of the same components as the original with the added luxury of two drop-back doors, which make stepping in and out of the cargo box easy and safe. 

Choosing Your Ferla Family Cargo Trike

Check out the Ferla Family Cargo Bikes Product Page to educate yourself on all of the ins and outs of our three-wheeled gems. There you can explore full, detailed specs, customer reviews, price points, and more.

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